Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Should I Abort My Child?

Good evening Aunty Amara,I need your advice and that of your fans urgently. 
I got married to a man someone introduced to me,he proposed and we got married immediately. He had a son which I knew about. 
Three months after our wedding we went to a prophetic church and there I discovered that he had another son from another woman which he did not tell me. 
I was shocked but I just decided to stay because it's too early for me to divorce. 
I discovered he was also a very harsh man,he can even fight in the market. 
One of our church member called me and asked me to talk to my husband to stop his voilent attitude and I also found out from him that he had a baby girl from another woman. 
I confronted him but he denied and said he only had two sons from two women. 
I'm tired because he lied to me,I married a man who I knew nothing about. 
I hate him so much now,the worst part is that if we have misunderstanding he will start shouting and embarrassing me. 
I told my family everything and we agreed that I will leave him. 
Am pregnant of three months, they said I should have an abortion before he abandons me like the other women. 
Am so confused on what to do.
Sorry for the long write up. 

It is painful that you failed to conduct your research on his personality, passion, purpose and his family background before rushing to accept his proposal for marriage. 
All that you mentioned in your mail doesn't require any prophetic declarations to be revealed to your naked eyes because God's so gracious that he doesn't hide sensitive issues like pregnancy and children from anyone but you thought you could get into one minute rush to bear his name. 
Now you have gotten to a point where you will have to live with the rewards of your decision. 
If he hasn't gotten married to any lady in life, I wouldn't suggest that you return home with his child but will encourage you to endure his attitude while hoping that he would change some day. 
I will be the last person to encourage you to abort your child because you discovered that he lied to you and he embarrasses you in the public. 
Your child deserves to live and your child is not guilty of your husband's lies and deception. 
So even if you feel that you need some time to figure out what to do with your marriage and husband, aborting your baby isn't an option for consideration. 
All you need to do is take the responsibility for your decision and your child. 
Get a job or venture into a business that will raise some money for you and your unborn child. 
While you never anticipated this, you may decide to make out the best from it and give your child the very best in life. 
Be organised and focused on your pregnancy, register for the antenatal care and start preparing yourself for the delivery of your precious baby. 
I wish you all the best. 


  1. Abortion is not an option. Many are looking for what you want to throw away. Please do not do that. Men come and go but your child is yours forever. Seek the face of GOD in your situation and obey HIS command. Good kuck

  2. I really wonder how all of this was able to be hidden.but abortion help instead it will be worse

  3. This our delusive 'sense of no Consequences' is really wrecking lives.


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