Monday, September 7, 2015

Should I Allow Him Suck My Breast?

Ma thank you for the good work you are doing. 
Am a lady of 26 years ever since a friend introduced me to this page I have learnt many things here,and ever since then I promised myself and God that no man will see my nakedness again until am married. 
I meet this guy last month,after telling him my decision of no sex in the relationship till am married he accepted, but my problem with him now, is that he told me that he will be sucking my breast, in order to make him happy. 
Ma please I need your advice what should I do to keep the relationship and my promise to God and myself as well.

Men and boobs sorry I meant booze lol . Well at least he was honest about his preference. 
Appreciate him for being himself and sincere about what makes him happy in you but because your relationship with God supercedes every other relationship in life, I will encourage you not to please a man and displease God. 
Assure him that once he has paid your dowry and done the necessary things that your boobs will be there for his pleasure and satisfaction all the days of your life. 
If he loves you genuinely, he wouldn't encourage you to displease God for his own pleasure and if he decides to leave you, then he wasn't really in love with you but probably in love with your boobs. 
Whatever becomes his decision, please do not be afraid or discouraged, because they that put their trust in God can never be put to shame. 


  1. A man that truly loves you will respect your opinion of no sex before marriage, there no such thing as sucking your breast to make him happy, cos that can make you to be vulnerable and before you know what is happening, you will be moaning away to his banana swimming in your punani...If you ask me I will say that his proposal to be sucking your breast is just a trick he wants to use to sleep with you, breast is one of the most sensitive part in a woman's body and it will be hard for you to resist the urge if you allow him feast on your breasts, be wise and stand on your decision, and if he's not ready to respect your decision then show him the exit door...Like I said above, a man that truly loves you will respect your decision on no sex before marriage. #enoughsaid

  2. Bia.... Come o,is this the type of man you want for a husband? A role-model for your sons,and a mentor to your daughters? A bad marriage is never a accident. Please,AVOID IT! He is not fit to be a man yet. Leave him to grow up! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

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  3. Hi well thanks you guys advice,I want to know more about this breast of a thing and so important to man


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