Monday, September 7, 2015

He Compares Me With Other Women.

I need your advice on this issue, I have  called but nobody is picking the phone.
I have been married for six years now and I have three children.
I suspected funny movement in my marriage and I checked my husband's phone then my suspicion was confirmed!
I found out he was cheating, I confronted him and he denied, then I sent messages to the girls and they told him, my husband said that for confronting them he'll not eat my food again and he'll not sleep on the same bed with me.
Since then he doesn't eat in the house and he is diabetic.
My husband grew up alone, and I always condone his excesses because of his background and past but this resent issue is affecting me so much considering how we have suffered together.
And he is so proud that he now compares me with the  girls.
We live in spain, so the idea of complaining to his friends is ruled out because no body can talk to him because of his attitude. (Arrogant)
For the sake of peace I have apologized but he is adamant.
I need to pour my heart out to someone.
thank you and remain blessed.

Most times the reason why I advocate attacking the roots of every challenge instead of the surface is because some of the marital challenges like infidelity never began after the wedding programme but sometimes even before you met with him or her. 
Attacking his mistress as his wife either by calling or sending messages or physically fighting her is spiritually handing over your rights and privileges as his wife to a strange woman 
You also end up reducing yourself to the public ridicule by a woman who has no understanding of what a covenant is nor does she desires to see you prosper in your marriage. 
I understand that you wished to trash that lady so that you could win his love but many times such approach has failed to restore such a home instead it gave the strange woman access to all that God has provided for the family, the children and his wife. 
Now that you have apologised, please be patient with him and resolve to seek the face of God every night. 
Do not relent in your prayers for your husband because the spirit that makes him to go after strange women is not mere beauty or body features but that of spiritual manipulation and deception which makes him to turn against his own wife. 
Please do not relent in improving your outlook, outfit and your appreciation of your husband by preparing delicious meals and supporting him in any way you can. 
Use this opportunity to pamper him as though you met with him today and you fell in love with him. 
Most times when you love beyond the prevailing circumstances of your home, you give the devil many reasons to flee from your home. 
Always remember this, the main purpose of the devil in every home is to look for any means to kill, steal and destroy that which the God has ordained and he can the subtle things to achieve his feat or he may choose to use finances or family or friends or strangers to put a seed of discord in the home. 
So as his wife and companion please always pray for your husband whether he's doing good or otherwise because you may never have an idea what the devil's next plot might be. 
I know that it can be overwhelming and depressing to see your husband treat you like a slave in your own home but please do not give the devil any loophole to ridicule your efforts and selfless sacrifices in your home unless you feel that you may not be able to cope with the marriage anymore, then you may consider divorcing him. 
Please take your home to God and invite him to fix anything that the devil may be destroying in your family and marriage. 
I am also trusting God to fight this battle for you even when your strength maybe failing you. 
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  2. You overstepped your boundary by texting his contacts with his phone without his approval....There was no need for that...It wouldn't change a thing...i know it hurts and probably you were guided by your emotions which led to what you did...i wouldn't totally blame you...
    I think this matter is beyond your personal effort...No matter how hard you try to meet up to the standard of the women he compares you with, he will always's a habit and very difficult to control...
    i feel a third party, probably someone he respects and listens to has to come into this matter....I'll suggest you contact your spiritual leader there in spain e.g your pastor.. takes divine intervention for a cheating partner to stop...Cheating is stronger than any form of not forget to consult God while you consult mere prayerful...It is well

  3. Aunty Amara, tnks for ur advice !


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