Monday, September 7, 2015

I Caught Her Pants Down With My Husband!

Thank you ma for the rare privilege. 
I came from a very humble background, from the onset, I have it at the back of my heart to succeed. I strive for success and God has been so faithful. 
At very young age, the family responsibility rest solely on my shoulders. I was carrying siblings along both older and younger ones including my mum and sick dad. 
In 2001, "trying so hard to control the tears".....people that I was working with then as a sales representative,helped with the burial. In 2004 , I got admission into the university and graduated in 2008. Got married same year to a very stingy man who has all it takes to assist me in life , but he refused after NYSC. 
He collected all my savings with the promise he will see me through my MSC programme but all were empty promises. 
In 2012 my youngest sister came to stay with us after her secondary school. Initially, my husband refused but after much pleading, he accepted . 
I took to a teaching job to save for education. I will tie my hair but make sure she makes her own hair. I did everything in my power to make sure she looked good.
Soon she turned tiger against me, if I talks in my house she shouts back at me. 
Big sister, to cut the long story short, on Thursday's night, I caught her pants down with my husband. 
I have been crying since then,no one to talk to . 
Aunty Amy, what should I do? 
Sorry any inconveniences. 

I feel your pains and I know that no words may console you for this kind of betrayal from your very own sister in your own home. 
Let's not waste so much time, please organise a vehicle immediately and send your sister out of your home immediately you finish reading this. 
Whatever help you may wish to extend to her can be sent using her account details or the courier services but please let her stay miles away from your home. 
Please do not let your family or friends know about this,when she's off the pictures, then you can discuss with your husband to find out why he decided to backstab you and humiliate you in the presence of your sister. 
For him to decide to sleep with both you and your sister shows that sincerely you are fighting a hard battle in your home and you cannot continue to condone or keep calm at some terrible experiences that you have swallowed all in the name of love. 
He must be responsible for his children and provide the needs of the home, if he cannot do that, then you may need to explore other options to make him responsible.
Please do not give up on your marriage nor lose hope in your vision,I refuse to accept the devil's verdict as the end of your experience. 
You shall yet rejoice in the Lord God of your salvation. 
You shall indeed celebrate the victory over sorrows, plains, disappointments, lack and infidelity in your home in Jesus name Amen. 
Cry unto God, bare your heart to God with all sincerity and honesty. Let him know how you feel and commit your home to his care. 
The feedback from your discussion with your husband will determine to a greater extent what next you may need to do. 
Please do keep me posted on your progress on this. 
We are praying for you and your husband and we will never relent in offering prayers and encouraging words to you. 
It is well with you dear,please cheer up and start mopping off every trace of your sister in your home.  

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  1. Words alone cannot express how I feel about your God Given wisdom, Aunty Amy, its just extra ordinary, have been following your page for a while now, and have being satisfied with the way you respond to any issue brought to you. You're so much endowed. To God be the glory for bring someone like you to our generation. More blessings to you Ma'am.


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