Monday, September 7, 2015

She Had Three Children For Him.

Good day Aunty Amara may the Lord bless you real good.
A guy proposed to me, he is 37 years while am 33 years.  
The problem now is that he said when he was still in the world a lady had three kids for him he did not marry her neither did he pay her dowry,he said when the lady was pregnant he wanted her to abort it but the mom said no because it was a taboo for someone from a royal family to do such.
His friend confirm that but I don't believe him. He is now a pastor.
Please I need your advice urgently because am loosing my mind.
Please I need you and your pals to advice me.

Please take your time to make your own investigations about his personality and his relationship with the mother of his kids. 
Find out if there was any form of dowry or traditional rites that was done in her family. 
This will help you to decide whether to consider his intention or let him know your decision. 
I may have understood that he had one child but for him to receive three children from the lady made me feel that he must have done something that made him have the confidence or boldness to have more children with her. 
Also be mindful of the kind of battles you may need to fight should you be married to him. 
Always remember that you have only but a limited privacy and you will have to give your heart to raising his children because that is the only way for you to endear yourself to his heart. 
Do not be in a haste to say yes to his proposal so that you can get your facts about his personality, purpose, passion and plans in life to avoid regrets much later in your marriage. 

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