Monday, September 7, 2015

Her Dad Refused!

Good evening ma. I need advice from you concerning this issue. Am an Akwa ibom man and in a relationship with an Igbo girl. 
I have asked for her hands in marriage and she agreed. 
The issue now is her dad is saying no because am not Igbo and the girl in question is pregnant for me. 
I have kept on calling her dad and the last time I called him, he told me there was no need of seeing him. 
Please ma what do I do at this stage? 
Note: The girl's mum is late and her dad married a Ghanaian. 

What matters most now is the health and safety of your fiancĂ© and she's the one who will convince her dad on your behalf and not you anymore. 
All you need to do is support her with her pregnancy, register her in a good hospital for her antenatal care for her health and the safety of your child. 
It would have been best if you have paid her dowry before the pregnancy but don't worry, the presence of your child will grant you and your partner favour in the sight of your father in law. 
For now, give much attention to your partner and support her in every way possible for you. 
Let her choose when it's most convenient for her open up to her dad about her pregnancy and the best way to approach him to win his love and support for you and your partner. 
Sometimes parents get hard on their in laws to know how much he truly loves their daughter or how far he can go to prove his love for their own daughter. 
If truly you love her and she has accepted your proposal and is willing to walk down the universe with you by her side, all you need to do is support her, pray with her and entrust everything to God while you patiently and prayerfully allow God to perfect your joy in Him. 
All the best dear. 

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