Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Should We Postpone The Wedding?

We are getting married by December 19th both traditional and white wedding same day,but we have not officially announced it only I and her sister,our pastor knows that we have fixed a date.
Dad have not yet been informed and others,but the problem now is, I have been served a quit notice from my landlady to pack before 15th of October.
Please what should I do,remember economy is not favorable.
Should we postpone the marriage and get an apartment or we go ahead and believe God for miracle?
But she keep telling me to go and look for an apartment that money to pay it is not a problem but I don't understand what she really meant.
Please Aunty Amara I need your advise and that of your fans.

Maybe you should discuss with your fiancĂ© to help you understand what she meant when she said that you should go and look for an apartment. 
Please do not make assumptions or work alone in trying to resolve this challenge. 
Pray with her and plan with her to know if there is anyway she could support you to help you actualize your vision and settle down with your wife. 
But please do not proceed to get married without sorting out your accommodation because you will only be exposing her to public shame and ridicule. 
Also you cannot enjoy your honeymoon holidays with your wife as a result of the constraints of having to observe those looking before meeting with your wife. 
Take your time and place your priorities appropriately to enable you enjoy the divine benefits and fulfilment in marriage. 

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