Sunday, September 6, 2015

Should I Travel Back Home?

Good morning ma,I explained something to my cousin and told me you said you should write you,am engaged to a guy that stays in Dubai and he brought me over.
Last year his family went for the first visit,and he said that by January his family will go for my bride prize,while we celebrate our wedding here in Dubai,all of a sudden his elder sister started bringing up issues that he had to settle them before going into marriage and it was settled,now he's not bringing the wedding plan at all. 
Whenever I ask him,he will not answer or he will say it was not his problem for now though things aren't working as we wanted,am confused and I feel he's not ready because if really he was,he would have told them to go for the dowry and when money comes we could as well do the white wedding. 
I need your advice and from your fans to know if I have to forget about it and travel back home to face my own life....
God bless you real good. 

For a man to pay for your flight ticket from Nigeria to Dubai shows that he truly cares about you and has good intentions for you irrespective of what he may have been up to lately. 
That he had to attend to his family needs doesn't make him unserious and nonchalant to your plans and his vision for your relationship. 
Like you rightly said things has not been as you both planned or anticipated it would be, if not I feel that by now he would have wedded you and done all the martial rites. 
I want to believe that you truly loved him to have decided to stay with him even though he hasn't done the necessary things. 
You knew so well that it wasn't the best option but you believed in his personality and trusted his companionship to have decided to travel from Nigeria to be with him in Dubai. 
Now that things may not be working as you planned it, this is the time to prove that you truly love him and is willing to stand by him in times of difficulties. 
This is the time to support him and stand by him to realise his vision for your relationship with him and not time to return home and live your own life. 
Relationship is meant to strengthen each other and help one another accomplish the things that one may not be able to achieve individually. 
He stood there for you, helped you, provided for you and appreciated you with all he had when he had, please I encourage you to see the best in him, plan with him and see how your presence will help accomplish his plans and purpose in life. 
Hopefully that will make him have enough to pay for the dowry and also provide the things that desire in life. 
You have already began this journey and I can only hope that God grants you the very desires of your heart. 

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