Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Should I Wait and Get Married to Him?

Good morning ma,God bless you for your good work!! Please ma,just to know your take on this. 
Been friends with a guy for years,precisely ten years,actually I was advicing him,and through that means we became friends, am 26 and he is 32.
I got into the higher institution and he was still there for me,although he wasn't working,but always tried making sure am ok. 
I started dating and would always tell him,he would advice me,although we weren't dating then,but he was the only guy I could comfortably ask for money. 
Along the line,he asked for sex,although I felt bad,but I did it. 
He also had someone he was dating but would always want to make me happy,he can leave his girlfriend to come attend to me,if am in need. 
One night, he called crying and asking for forgiveness, I asked what the matter was and that was when he opened up to me that he didn't go to school, stopped in his J.S.S.3 due to unavailability of funds and started living with his family friend from where I knew him.
I told him it's ok,that I would help him. Although as at then he was working with a marine company.
In 2014, i had broken relationship with my ex and this same guy helped me get on my feet again,he has always been there for me,that my friend would sometimes say they wish they had someone like him. 
Am presently trying to help him get his WAEC result,although he's presently not working,the issue is that,he loves me,so so much and would want to get married to me,but finance is the problem, also trying to help him get a professional training certificate to enable him get a job. 
Despite he isn't working,he still tries to make me happy and make sure am ok.he sees me as his life, to him am very perfect, although I work,and when he was working, he doesn't allow me touch my money,always buying things for me,always meeting my needs,and as at then,I had a boyfriend,who would even advice me to be taking money from this my friend when was broke in school. 
Would you advice I wait and get married to him? Or what do you think?. 
Thanks a lot ma,God bless you. 

I do not why you are worried about waiting for man that you have always desired even when you were in a relationship with another man. 
I also do not know why you are worried when he has been there for you even while you were in school and when you were in need. 
Now that you are officially dating him,support him in your own little way and help him to package himself to get a better offer. 
While he doesn't have a certificate, he has job experiences which if organised will project him to a better company for employment. 
Now that you work, I feel it's the best time to let him know how much you truly appreciate him and is willing to support him to excel in life. 
Build on your friendship with him and seek the face of God for his grace and favour to enable you help him stand out in life. 
If you genuinely love him, and he's genuinely interested in you, then we can only pray for a favourable marriage with him. 

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