Thursday, October 1, 2015

Should I Forget Him and Pray for Another?

Thank you Aunty, there is a guy I have been dating for some time now, he is very caring and loving, we stay in different state but from the same tribe. 
We are so close and he told me about his past relationship,  we started planning for our wedding that he decided to meet my family he came to my state and met them but did not see my father. 
The next day he got a urgent call from his office then he travelled back to return by weekend on thurday of that week. He called to tell me that he has informed his family about us and his parents said I should come and see them that weekend that same night I received a call from a girl with his phone number that I should stay off because she will never allow it to work that she was dating him before he saw me and for the past two weeks she has been the person receiving his calls whenever I call him.
He did not call me too so I deleted his number and pictures but each time I keep seeing his number in my phone.  
A friend said maybe we are destined together that I should keep praying maybe the girl did something to make him forget me.
Please ma what should I do? Should I forget him and pray for someone else or keep praying cause I prayed before he came my way.

If he is the one God has prepared for your life and marriage, there is no lady that will take him away from you no matter what she does or how long it takes. 
You need not compete with anyone else over a man because God is not done with blessing every lady with a husband of her own desire. 
Hide yourself in God's Word and soak yourself in prayers forgetting about everyone else or anything. 
Do not call to ask why or call to confront the other lady, leave everything to the all powerful God and he shall direct your path to the bone of your bones. 
All the best dear. 

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