Thursday, September 10, 2015

Watch Out! Perilous Times

How do you differentiate a necromancer from a genuine servant of God?
Necromancers will call out your problems, tell you what year your forefathers were born and the exact point they were buried; they will tell you what baby you have in your womb and your EDD. 

They, with the help of their agents or by self effort, copy your vehicle numbers as you drive into church and later use it for prophecy. Some of their host pastors even help out in this thriving business because the more they prophecy and do the acrobatics, the more you drop in your blindness. 

They, with the help of their master the devil, know all your problems, your life history, but they've got no solution to them. They will keep mentioning them, but they can't provide a solution because they don't have the Holy Spirit even when they call His name. You can only keep going back to them and filling their pockets. Just like their master, it's drop one problem and carry ten problems. 

A true servant of Jehovah speaks and the God in him provides a solution. In fact, a good number of genuine servants of God don't do that name calling. 

I pray God opens your eyes to understand the operations of the Spirit. I just wish we get closer to God and discover Him ourselves. I just wish we become Christians indeed who are led by the Spirit and not church goers.

It's sad when pastors and GOs who should know God better fall for these guys and promote their demonic activities by inviting them to minister in their churches. 

Stop dropping your head to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Stop jumping from one point to the other in search of endless miracles. Please join me in this fight to send these con men and women out of business for God to use the genuine ones among His people. 

Chase after God, stop chasing after con men and women. In this perilous time, you must be very careful. 

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