Thursday, September 10, 2015

He's Worried About My Age.

Good morning Aunty Amara .Thanks for the good work you are doing may God who knows how best to reward,reward you for me. 
My problem is this, I have a relationship that started last year September to be precise .
Never knew that I will love him this much.A close friend of his confinded in me that he said that am all he wanted in a woman but his only problem is our age difference he is 35 while am 34.
Big aunty please what do you advice that I do in this situation.

It's simple, surrender everything to God and withhold nothing. 
Do not get worried over what God has ordained nor begin to work out your breakthrough with your efforts or emotions. 
Quit discussing with his friends about his perception of your personality, it only portrays you as being desperate for marriage. 
Get to know him and understand his personality. Get so connected to him that he wouldn't hide anything from you including his fears and worries. 
If Sarah was 90 years old when she gave birth to her son, what made you feel that you are running out of time in God's purpose? 
All you need to do is simply get focused on your passion and forget about what you heard or feel about his opinions of you. 
You don't need to impose yourself on any man to earn his love, let it come to you naturally and selflessly and you shall have every course to celebrate your matrimony with your husband. 

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  1. In as much as you love him, I'll advice you to keep calm...Do not persuade him in any way to ignore his fears based on what his close friend told you...That might seem so desperate of you moreover there is no proof that what his friend said is true..Do not act based on what you heard..just be calm..If he needs you he'll come for you

    Secondly...Try to be sensitive enough to know if he really needs you...Since you are slightly younger than him, i don't think this should be a big deal though choices vary according to different individuals...Let it not be said that you compelled him to go against his wish...It might hurt you on the long run..


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