Monday, September 21, 2015

Yes; You Can!

In the words of Bishop T. D. Jakes, 
Many people are so tired of trying to "get there" that they don't even want to get there anymore.  These ones are alive but they are corpses who aren't quite dead. Their near-comatose condition exempts them from pain, but denies them pleasure. They may be immune to failure, but they are susceptible to all kinds of negative experiences.

What good is life without living? Taste it, live it-even at the risk of occasional failure and adversity. If you are going to stand at the plate, take a swing at the ball! "What if I miss?" You say. Well, I say,"what if you miss out before you've even taken a swing?" Wake up and play! You are not dead! Many things in you may have died, but you are not dead!

Perhaps you have given up. No one knows you've quit, but inside, you have thrown in the towel. You wanted to make a difference, but when you ran into some obstacle, you decided to adjust your expectations to your limitations. Don't forget; Jesus went through hell to reach the joy that was set before Him, but when He had finished, He got up with the keys to death and hell. 

God has too much for you to do, don't waste any more time. Ignore the naysayers and busybodies. Look beyond that obstacle and look at the bigness of your God who has called you and created you for mighty things. You can't give up! No way; you can't give in to the demands and desires of your enemies! Those dead and dry bones shall live again if you trust God and the grace bestowed upon you to make it happen. Does Amara know what she's talking about? Yes, she just said it; Dry bones shall live again. That dead relationship; the dead womb; the dead business; the dead life...they can and will live again if you believe. 

Sometimes the devil tells me I have failed and can't stand, but I challenge him with the word of God spoken into my life. That word says that I am the head and never the tail; The Word says I was born to win, to rule and reign in my generation. Like I said, act like the naysayers don't exist. "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?", they ask. You shall surprise them if you believe in your ability to do it.

Never ever swallow the words of your enemies. Even those negative words from friends who ignorantly speak negative words into your life without knowing it should not be allowed to penetrate your spirit. In the words of Apostle Paul, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Have they condemned you? Jesus hasn't condemned you, He has looked upon you with His eyes of mercy and all He's saying is, "Neither have I condemned you, go and sin no more".  

You see; no one has the right to hold you down. Now take a deep breath, get up, draw your clothes down and get working while believing in the power of His Love, Mercy, and Grace. 

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