Monday, September 21, 2015

Let Him Go

A good number of women have no business being in the relationship they're in. They know deep within that what they have isn't what they want or need. But they're hanging in there. I want you to tell yourself the truth now: Why are you in that relationship? What is making you chase after that guy even when he has shown you that there is nothing special about you? It's either of these- a promise, the penis, or the society.
Ladies, grow up and summon the courage you need to walk out of that miserable relationship because you will forever be unhappy if you allow it to become marriage. Sympathy marriage does not work. If you blackmail him into marrying you, be ready to keep blackmailing and begging him to stay married to you. Believe me, life will be hell for you if you don't let a man make that decision.
You're better single than in a relationship with a man who has no regard for you and treats you just like every other woman out there. I repeat it again:  Don't beg a man to marry you! Not with your tears and not with your words, even the unspoken words. Be you and let him make up his mind. If it's not working for you, be strong enough to let him go. If he's not making up his mind; if he's keeping you endlessly with no future in view, please respect yourself enough to let him go and come for you whenever he's ready. But if what you want is living with him endlessly, please be sure that's what you want and not that you are made to feel hopeless without him.

And please my sisters and daughters, if he has said you're not what he wants, release him and let him go. That you dated him for five years isn't a guarantee for marriage. I know it hurts and no one should be made to go through that, but sometimes it's God saving us from future pain. The process of 'letting go' is a very painful one, but if you can do it, you'll see light at the end of that tunnel. Hold no grudge against him, just cry, pour it all out at the feet of Jesus, and let it go. He's giving you a new beginning.
Get married because you want to be married and not because you want to please the society.

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