Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Am Due for Marriage but Barely Feed Myself!

Am 33 years single and a graduate. I moved on, acquired some skills since job was not forth coming, presently into interior decoration but is not flowing freely due to no shop as a base.
Sugar mummies are always on my neck which I alway turn down due to my covenant with God to only sleep with one woman when legally married.
Am due for marriage but barely feed myself. Am full of ideas but no resources to turn them on.
I know am not operating under curse as a believer.
I need advice.

I love your commitment to God and to developing yourself even when it is not as easy as you have planned it. 
What you need now is to let the world see your good works and your ideas and they will pay to access your services. 
Please do not succumb to the pressure and the pleasure of evil, it is never promising and most times it crushes every prospects and virtues that you have nurtured all the days of your life. 
Social media isn't only for chatting, sharing pictures, and updating your profile, it's also a platform to exhibit your skills and ideas as an individual. 
Try to update your account with various pictures of your design, work on building a good relationship with those that you know so that they will project your works to the world. 
Decorate for your church and get to know who maybe wedding anytime soon and present your budget to them even if you have to reduce your prize. 
Focus more on excellence services and own your skills. 
You are not cursed, and God has promised to bless the works of your hands. 
Do not loose hope because of how little your funds are today, give your heart to what you do and do not postpone your ideas. 
Begin small but hold unto your big dreams, make friends with those who have the attributes and the virtues that you need to fulfill your dream and don't be afraid or ashamed to start no matter how little or how embarrassing it maybe. 
Start making friends and prayerfully look for a partner who will support your vision and encourage you even now that you need it most. 
God is not dead so your circumstances and situation must surely change. 
Do not sound as though you are already defeated, many were worse than you but today their story is what the world purchase as financial nuggets.. Lol. 
So smile and know that this is only but a phase because God is at work in you to perfect that which concerns you. 

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