Sunday, October 18, 2015

He Took Me for Granted and Dumped Me!

I am really heart broken. Met this guy at work and we started dating, it wasn't a love at first sight kind, but from a distance he looked calm, I told him everything about myself and my age which he doubted until I showed him a proof that I was 37 years old of which he told me he is same age with me but he is older with two months. 
I asked him if my age was okay with him and he said he had no problems. Two months into the relationship he began to change,I supported this guy because this was his first year in the job. 
The house he rented I borrowed him N50000 , the Television he bought, I borrowed him N50000, he asked me to lend him N20,000 to send to his cousin's family that they were hungry which I did, later he asked me to lend him N10,000 which did. 
The love we shared at the beginning was something out of this world until he began to change, I kept on asking what the problem was, he refused to say anything saying there was nothing. 
I gave him N17,000 as a gift so he could get a mattress cos he said he I'll be sleeping on a duvet on the floor which I felt sympathy,weekends like Sundays, I take food to him, give him money when he is broke, all these I do just to help him stabilize cos I started working last year while he started this year. 
His boss the woman was amongst those who asked him to go for me that I am a descent woman. The sudden change started by him asking me to stop coming to his office giving me a flimsy excuse for that, then he started to pay me less attention.. 
I went to his office last Tuesday, he was so angry when he saw me that was when his madam called me into her office and began to talk to me in a bad tone as in I wasn't nice to the guy. 
It was then I began to tell her all I had done for him she was shocked to her bone marrows, she called called him to the office and began to rebuke him, in fact the whole office was against him. 
His lies where that he just found out I was older than him , that I am proud, etc but everything was a lie, that he has decided to go back to his ex,that he is from a poor background that his ex works in an eatery and has NCE. 
To cut the long story short, I felt used and dumped physically,emotionally I am devastated cos I have been out of relationship for like eight years after I broke up wit my ex and now this. 
I do have sleepless nights because I entered the relationship with all my heart, I gave him all the love in me, he took everything for granted and dumped me. 
I have asked him to pay me back my money, but his madam is also asked me to collect even the one I gave him willingly. That he is a bad boy. He acts quietly but he is extremely wicked.

In grate, selfish and sincerely emotionally poor will aptly describe the scammer you fell for. 
But why wouldn't he when your boss match made you to him and he saw how generous you were in emptying your account on his head. 
I mean why did you choose to chase him when he ought to do that? 
I feel that if you were a bit more patient and discerning, you would have spotted his wicked intentions and selfish interests but phew, you were really in lust sorry love with him. 
While you feel pained and humiliated, please do not request for anything you did out of love and appreciation for his fake personality but simply allow posterity to be the judge. 
Only request for the ones he borrowed from you and let him be. 
Forgive him and entrust everything to God who is able to favour you beyond your understanding and imagination. 
Please do not be discouraged or give up on God even when you are hurting and are in great pains. 
God is faithful to favour you in due course,hold unto him with everything in you.


  1. He was very calculating. It's okay Miss. Just thank God for life and pray for your heart to heal. You'll do just fine. Bless you

  2. He was very calculating. It's okay Miss. Just thank God for life and pray for your heart to heal. You'll do just fine. Bless you


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