Sunday, October 18, 2015

I Don't Know What to Do!

Thank you for your wonderful work may God
bless you.
I am a guy of 26 years old waiting for service. There is this
girl within our shop that is married and with two kids. 
She always called me honey and when am not around for long and eventually comes back she says that she missed me. Just this week I came back from where I went to she
was alone in their shop so she hug me and I
held her and kiss her just then she held me close and continued the kissing. Later she asked me why I did that and why I suddenly fell in love with her. I told her that I don't know. She said we should not try it again. 
The next day again we were alone in her shop and the same
incidence occurred. And since then if I call any of my girl friends she will got angry. 
Now she is planning to come to my house,I don't really
know what to do. 
I said no to her request of coming and she said please I should not hurt her feelings.

While you were kissing her and harbouring her breast in your big broad chest, you knew what to do, how to locate her shop when nobody was around. 
You admired her lips and when she called you honey, you rejoiced in your heart for winning the affection of a married woman.

You forgot so easily that another man has paid her bride prize and you were spelling curses upon your head by kissing and romancing her in the shop that her husband established for her. 
I am sorry for you in particular because the sweetness of her lips may destroy your life if you don't take caution immediately and ask God for Mercy.

If you must mess around, please desist from a married lady or men for they are both under the covenant of God and the consequences may not be palatable as the kiss was even if you don't know.

Don't be the tool that the devil will explore to destroy the home of another man. 
FLEE.. Fly Leave Escape and Evaporate from her using every means available and possible for you. Do not only hurt her feelings but also crush every atom of emotions in your heart. 
Locate another route and where none is in existence, please create one and never you go near her shop nor try to kiss her. Don't even buy matches from her shop.

Ask God to forgive you and help you become a focused, responsible and a man of vision. 
Please help yourself and your generation by avoiding anything that will dent the roots of your family.


  1. Thanks for flogging this young man.A married woman is a no go area.

  2. Do not destroy your future young man, without being told you should know that the door is closed and locked with padlock. That is another man property do not try to steal it, it doesn't belong to you go look for your own. #Ella

  3. Aunty Ammy God Blessu real good for this wonderful koboko u used on this young man. While I was reading what he wrote I already know u will blala him very well. I Laughed ooooo because this devil is funny in his manipulations. Imagine "I went to her shop and kissed her and she then continue the Kissing"

  4. Okwa unu afugo how young men kill their destinies...
    Young man...respect yourself before karma bites you hard..
    Wetin carry you reach where your fellow man wife dey?
    You should be ashamed of yourself..
    Your type is the kind of men we pray against every morning...
    Remember...what God has joined together, let no man put asunder..
    If at all you have a functional brain, put it to use..

  5. Read proverbs chapters 5,6 and 7.God guide u

  6. I wish I had been close when you contemplated asking Amara to tell you what to do, and my answer would have been a polished slap on kissing lips. Kissing goat. I know her husband and he must hear this. You are in trouble Jack.

  7. Good lashes of words. You guys of nowadays, thank God you seeks help on time.


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