Saturday, October 31, 2015

I'm Only Celebrating God's Grace and Mercies!

Good morning Aunty Amara. 

Yesterday was my son's birthday. He just clocked 1 year. I feel so excited about my son and his birthday. People might wonder why I am celebrating my son this way but I am not just celebrating my son or his birthday, I am somehow celebrating the MERCY of GOD upon my life. 

I never knew God will bless me with a fruit of womb as soon. This GOD above is a very merciful and compassionate God. Though, He is a consuming fire but He is merciful. 

I lived a stupid and ignorant life when I was single. 
The guy I was dating before I got married dragged into a dirty life. He made do abortion three times. I took different drugs, concoctions and drinks whenever I discovered I was pregnant then.

At a time, I suspected my womb could have been damaged because I took those abortion drugs on my own without a doctor. I have never done a d&c but I take drugs to flush out the pregnancy.

Then one day, something inside of me asked me what kind of life was I living? My conscience kept pricking me. I cried to God to deliver me and show me mercy. I made up my mind to leave the relationship. 
The guy in a question is a tough who has threatened me that he will deal with me if I ever leave him. 

So when i told him that it was over. He threatened as usual. But my mind was made up. I told him that I will rather die than to continue with him, because I can't continue living a life of fornication, I can't continue to live a life that does not glorify God. It was a tough one. The guy dealt with me. I finally reported him to the police, got him arrested and he signed an undertaken to stay away from me.

What I battled with the guy is a long story. Let me just be brief.
I rededicated my life to Christ. No relationship with any man. I told God that I won't keep a boyfriend again, that any man that comes my way should be for marriage. Most boyfriend/girlfriend relationship usually lead to fornication. 
So I don't need anything to take me back to my past life

After four months after leaving this guy, I met my hubby here on Facebook. Although, I we are from the same village and he claimed he knew me very well in the village but I don't know him. He later proposed to me and I told him to allow me put it in prayer.
I accepted his proposal. 

Since he was not here in Nigeria, he begged me to allow his people to come and pay my bride price but I insisted he should come and pay it by himself.
He came and I told him about my past yet he insisted on getting married to me

After our we got married, I was thinking I would have difficulty in conceiving. When I remember my past, I got more scared..

But the way of man is never the way of God.

Lol and behold, I got pregnant the next month. Jehovah overdo suprised me.

Hubby travelled back when I was 5months pregnant. God still saw me through and I finally put to bed with out any operation, complication or negative stories.

God blessed me with a very cute son. A smart cute baby boy. A son that people can't stop admiring. I am even tired of saying thank u to people. Lolz.

People tell me every day that my boy is cute.
Its the handiwork of God. God is so merciful

Aunty, I just feel like sharing this story of my life with you.
God is indeed faithful. I can't stop praising him.
That is the more reason I named my boy Naetochukwu(Be Praising God)

I decided to share your mail because I could see the depth of your joy and the sincerity of your heart. 
Indeed you are a product of God's grace and mercies and I genuinely rejoice and celebrate with you. 
I also do pray for as many who have been expecting this kind of favour and amazing grace, that they will not be disappointed or be discouraged by their experiences in the past. 
It takes genuine repentance to receive God's mercies, forgiveness and healing of the broken hearted. 
God still forgives and restores the lost glory of any who decides to give his or her life to him. 
I am glad because I know that your testimony will strengthen the heart of many who are hurting. 


  1. Halleluyah. Jesus is real!


  2. I rejoice with you and I use ur baby as a point of contact. God will bless my family twins. In Jesus Name. Amen


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