Saturday, October 31, 2015

I'm So Heartbroken Now!

Good day sis Amara, please I need your advise and that of your fans to help me on this. 
A guy I've been dating for two years plus just did the worst thing to me, my instinct has been telling me something was not just right in my relationship , so I disguised to be someone else and started a chat with him on whatsapp just to find out if my instinct was right or not. 
We started chatting for months, I used a friend's pix as my dp so he wouldn't know its me.
Note: he doesn't know neither has he ever met this my friend nor has he ever seen her picture with me before. 
As time went on he asked to see me , or to even hear my voice but I refused because there's no way I will try to change my voice that he won't know I'm the one talking. 
Ok, just last week he started condemning me to her saying the only thing that was still keeping him in the relationship was because of all the things I did for him. 
I was there when no one else could help even his own friends left him when he needed them most etc etc. 
Even the job he's doing I was the one by the Grace of God that helped him get it, and more of such. That he doesn't
want me anymore all he wants is me (indisguise). 
I later opened up to him and let him know it was me... The worst was that there was no sign of remorse from his voice because I later called him. 
I'm so heart broken now because he is my first love, my first date. 
I'm so surprised at what he just did...I don't know what to do please help me.
Thank you. 

Give him some time and some space for him to figure out what he needs from you and the relationship. 
There's no forcing a donkey to drink if it's never thirsty or willing. 
Granted that he was your first love and first date doesn't mean that he's your husband. 
The worst kind of partner to have is a hypocrite who makes you feel loved in his presence and go behind you to condemn you in the presence of another lady. 
Why should he be around you because of what you did for him when you need a man who loves you because of who you are to him?
Why should you hold on to a man who doesn't see anything good in you apart from what he can gain from you? 
Please let him read this feedback and let him know that it is not a must for him to appreciate you and if he's not interested in the relationship or doesn't appreciate your personality, he should kindly give you some space and stop wasting your emotions and time with him. 
It's both insensitive and selfish of him to say such a rude thing about your personality and worse still to pretend as though he never said such. 
Forgive him but do not take this for granted because when a man begins to shop for a replacement or have reasons to abuse his partner because of another lady, it's only a matter of days for him to start cheating and abusing you in the relationship. 
Hold unto God, do not let this weigh you down or make you change your personality. 
Sometimes God favours you with the best when you feel that you cannot live without what you thought was good for you. 
Cheer up and continue giving love irrespective of the opinion or the attitude of men. 


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  2. It's a two way thing heartbroken lady.... First you are so wrong! Yes you heard me right. What happens to communication? You got what you asked for.... Truth is this, the fact that you helped a man doesn't mean he'll marry you. To me its not worth it. Alot of people are married and unhappy because of this. Secondly, you've confronted him and he's not remorseful, you have to give him space. We women must come to accept that every relationship must not lead to the altar but that no matter what there's still someone out there for us. I've been in your shoes and what did I do, I walked away and today the young man is my is too short to make my bad relationship ruin your happiness. Shalom


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