Sunday, November 1, 2015

When Submitting to Christ is the Purpose for Your Relationship!

Many proclaim to love and honour their partner in a manner that the world has never known. 
They have many wishes and promises for their significant other and virtually every one is as excited to be in the arms of that true love that they are willing to give their all just to make the vision become a reality. 

And then God gives him a lady who simply amazes his heart and soul. 
He promises to love, cherish, protect, hold, uphold and always be there for her even when everyone is against her. 

God knew she has been dreaming of him even when she was young. She knew that there was a man somewhere who will make her feel comfortable and not shy, happy and not hurting, confident and not confused and fulfilled and never perturbed. 

With every compliments and appreciation, it dawns on her that she has a husband for herself and daily prepares for marriage and nurturing of the home. 
Everyone educates her on how to be submissive, humble, hardworking, devoted, God fearing and focused. 
And finally she presents him to her friends, then siblings, mum and finally to her dad. 

Everyone cheers and celebrates with them because they both share the same vision and convictions to love, beloved and to share their world of love and fulfilment together. 

Then comes one disagreements, misunderstanding, mistakes and shortcomings of one partner and the other begins to worry about what she thought of him before she said yes to him. 
He reports her to her mother about her dirty pants and her loose tongue whenever he's talking. 
How she doesn't respect and submit to him and how she always challenges him whenever he makes an order for the family. 

She breaks down and returns back to being fake and bitter, he dominates her from the bed to the bathroom making sure that the whole world bows down to worship his majesty and then the love begins to fall apart, there is no more joy in the home only the fear of one another. 

This has become the cycle of many homes and relationship and one begins to worry what went wrong and why marriage and relationship has turned into a battlefield amongst couples who promised to love and proposed love for each other. 

The simple fact is that many individuals ventured into a relationship and marriage with many images of what they wanted their relationship to look like without having an understanding of what the image ought to be like. 

Some copied the Hollywood, some the romantic novels, some their parents and some their tradition. 
These were shaped by our exposures and experiences in life but does not portray what marriage ought to be like nor does it give partners an understanding of what their duties are in the relationship. 

When purpose is never understood, many suffer in pains and disappointments and this has been the singular challenge that has limited the joy of many marriages and relationship in our society. 
This is the genesis of every abuse, disagreements, and broken promises or vision. 

When individuals who seek to give love to another and long for that special someone who they desire to give their heart and soul to for the rest of their lives submit their heart to Jesus Christ and daily refreshes themselves in God's word, meditating and applying them into their lives first and being an example to those around them, marriage and relationship would be glorious and fulfilling to anyone who ventures into marriage. 

When individuals submits their heart to Jesus Christ, there will never be a competition for supremacy in the relationship because his sole desire will be to give her all that she needs irrespective of her weaknesses or her shortcomings. 
He will never compete with her nor will he suppress her or will she manipulate him or lie to him or hide anything from him no matter the reason for such attitude. 
She will always remember that she's accountable first to God and next to him before anyone else. 

Because she knows that Jesus Christ submitted himself in obedience to God's word and for God's glory, she will never compare him with another even when he may have done something that wasn't pleasing to her or may have done something to offend her. 
He will never have an excuse to abuse her body or share his body with another lady even though she is dirty or not as firm as they were. 

He will seek for ways to help her, to support her, to assist her and to pray for her. 
Because Jesus Christ was the solution to the challenges of this world, he will always ask himself, "what can I do to make my wife a better lady?" and she will constantly be praying for him that God will perfect all that concerns him and make him a man of honour and whenever there are issues, she wouldn't run to her friends to mock him but will run to God for help. 

When individuals give their heart to Jesus Christ and strives daily to become like him, they will forgive selflessly and will never keep grudges against one another. 
They wouldn't let an issue to linger beyond twenty-four hours without communicating with each other. 
They will hold hands and work together with one purpose and mutual understanding of their vision. 

They will never let pride destroy their relationship nor will they open their mouth to hurt another in any manner that may destroy their personality. 
He will never slap or beat his wife even though she provoked him but he will daily endure the pains and pray for her. 

She will sacrifice her all to see him become the husband after God's own heart. She will stand by him even though it may not be rosy. 

They will mutually share all that they have to each other without making one person feel less than the other. 
He will always give her love and appreciate her for standing by him and supporting him with the little things that she does to protect and preserve his legacy. 
She will always offer her heart and support him with all that she can lay hands on because he's her inheritance from God. 

When partners look unto Jesus and desire to be with him in heaven, they will never do anything or say anything that will take the presence of God far away from them. 
They will never make mockery of God's purpose and abuse of God's grace and provision. 

Whether it be dating or courtship or marriage, because they know God's purpose for marriage, they will seek his face and do his will in all their endeavours. 

What image is your marriage reflecting and what is the purpose for your relationship? 
Is it the intense sexual healing that you crave for or the dominance of having your wife under your control? 
Have you made yourself the problem of your marriage by the things you say and the do? 
Young woman, what is the state of your heart? Can the truth be found in your mouth or have you turned every of his efforts against him running to everyone for support? 

Have you surrendered yourself to Jesus Christ and your husband? Have you surrendered your heart to Jesus Christ and is willing to listen to the opinions of your wife and love her even with her weaknesses? 
Are you faithful to her dear husband and are you naked to him beautiful wife? 

In all these drama, there is someone who we all must be accountable to someday in our lives and there is a reward waiting for everyone no matter what you may have achieved here or what you feel you possess in life. 

It's never too late to make amends in your marriage and relationship. 
When you submit your all to Jesus Christ, your marriage can never be a failure. 
Maybe the reason why your wife doesn't appreciate you has been because of the way and manner you communicate with her. 
Maybe the reason why your husband doesn't love you the way that you have yearned for was because of the provocative words and many deceptive and manipulative ways that you have treated him. 

Please make amends and re-dedicate your commitment and vision to making the marriage and relationship prosper. 
Let Jesus Christ be the image you desire to be like in your marriage and relationship. 

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