Friday, October 2, 2015

My Friends Told Me to Marry Him!

Good morning ma. God bless you for your good work. Please I need your advice and that of your fans.
I have a boyfriend, we met two months ago but has not proposed to me yet but I think he is taking his time, he loves me so so much. Then I met another guy barely two weeks and he proposed to me and he wants to come for my introduction this October.
I keep wondering why he is in a haste to get married but some of my friends told me to marry him that he is God sent.
I am really confused right now,I don't know what to do.
Please I need your advice.
Thank you.

My advice is simple, know yourself and know what you need in life and marriage. 
Every man is looking for a lady for one reason or another and you need to understand the personality you desire to marry, the attitude, passion, and his personal relationship with God and others to avoid making a terrible mess of your marriage. 
If you accepted two men in barely two months then I will suggest that you simply get hold of yourself and seek the face of God for more clarification before venturing into relationship with any of them. 
Never you marry any individual because of what your friends said because after wedding, your friends will never be part of your marriage experiences. 


  1. Dear poster...
    Accepting two guys in the space of two months doesn't tell good of your personality...It clearly depicts indecision and a carefree attitude on your part..
    It's improper for a guy who just met you barely two weeks ago to start thinking of going for introduction to your family when he had not even introduced himself to you properly...
    As far as I'm concerned, He is a stranger who needs to identify himself..
    I think your friends need to mind their business...This is how they push people around claiming God said so...When issues start arising, they'll be nowhere near you..
    Also on your part, i feel you really have a lot to do on yourself...this situation is something that shouldn't bother you at all if you really know what you want and what marriage is all about...set your priorities right and don't let anybody that talks marriage to your hearing sway you..

  2. Pls dear take ur time to know him and his family well before accepting to marry him........why the rush?

  3. Pls dear take ur time to know him and his family well before accepting to marry him........why the rush?

  4. You have not just wrong friends,but also ignorant friends. And,your story tells a lot about your own self - you are not really prepared for marriage,though you think you are. You don't accept a fiance/guy,and then,try to know to know him. The talk of marriage shouldn't even come up until you are sure of who you are dealing with. Once the subject of marriage is introduced,people start pretending,and that is the wrong time to study people. A bad marriage is NEVER an accident. Avoid it - Get a grip on yourself. ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

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