Friday, October 2, 2015

I Was Abused by My Father!

Hello ma,God bless you for been a blessing to this generation..
Am a young lady of 20 years, never been happy my whole life. I was sexually abused by my dad when I was in JSS 3.(There was no penetration,but I could feel his hands between my legs that night, he thought I was fast asleep)that was the first and last it ever happened,Iv lived in fear all my life..
It's something that has forever changed my life,am so different among my peers,I don't reason the way fellow ladies do..
Growing up,I found out he peeps at me when taking my bath,and its frustrating,ma am tired,feeling so depressed and regretting having such a father..
I have a solid relationship with God but when depression comes in with the thought of all that's happening,I feel like giving up.
This is a man that scolds me when when he sees me with a man,when I receives phone calls,when I stay up late,due to church activities..
Am so tired at moment,I haven't told a single human what's been happening,I feel its time I talk to someone before it consumes me,because right now all I feel for him is hate.
Please help me!

Dear, I understand how much pains, disappointment and hatred you feel knowing that the man who was meant to protect you ended up emotionally, physically and psychologically torturing you 
I am happy that you took the courage to open up to me and that is the beginning of healing and wholeness for your troubled heart. 
Please do not give up on God irrespective of the pains of today because God is working through your pains to prepare you for a greater glory. 
Forgive your father and liberate your heart from the humiliation and  depression that thinking about his act brings to your heart. 
Forgive your father and accept him as your father irrespective of the evil intentions of the devil over his life. 
I know that you will ask why you should after all he has made you pass through but remember that your healing wouldn't be complete without forgiving him nor will your relationship with God be wholesome without accepting your father and praying for him.
Your dad needs help because what he's battling with is evil, wicked and sincerely horrible. 
He needs prayers and encouraging words from you and your siblings.
Since he hasn't repeated such act again, please forgive him and help him to stand by covering yourself whenever you are around him. 
Whenever you want to shower, please endeavour to cover the windows and doors and please dress up in your room so that you can help him to stand. 
Encourage your sisters to also take every precautions to avoid any accident or incident of rape in your home. 
This should help you to realise what some other young girls are going through in the hands of their fathers, relatives and siblings. 
If God delivered you from his wicked ways, God can use you to help many others who are afraid to speak out to open up to you and seek for help. 
Read books that will lift up your spirit and strengthen your emotions and also help you relate with your father and siblings without feeling inferior and depressed whenever you look at your dad. 
Take your time, and allow the holy spirit to heal your broken heart and surrender to God almighty who is able to perfect that which concerns you. 
Finally, if Joyce Meyer who was raped by her father at a very tender age could rise up to become a vessel of honour unto God, then by God's grace and wisdom, you shall indeed fulfil God's purpose for your life in Jesus name Amen. 


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  2. My dear I kw u hw u feel BT u rilly need 2 4give ur dad nd move on.

  3. Pray and Forgive your Dad, its well with you Dear


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