Saturday, October 3, 2015

Should I Apologise and Marry Her?

Good day Amara, may God continue to bless you and your family. Please I want you and your fans to advice me. 
Am a guy of 31 years. During my days in the university there was this lady I dated. She was 18 years then, we dated for two years, I sincerely loved this lady even till date I still do. 
But the reason why I left her was because she was fat, although I love chubby ladies but I don't know what came over me then it wasn't easy on her then, but I just had to move on. Aunty lo and behold I met this lady yesterday after five years hmm to my greatest surprise she's now looking like Kim kardashian (very sex and beautiful) don't know how she did it.
When I asked her the secret she said "your weakness today , would make you stronger tomorrow, you made me the stronger version of my old self" 
I felt very bad she later told me she enrolled for gym lesson. Today am regretting my life had I known I would have helped her in achieving what she has achieved today. 
She's a surveyor by profession and really doing good in her field.. Needed a surveyor to survey my land and a friend introduced her to me that was how we met yesterday..
Should I apologise to her and marry her or should I just move on with my normal life?

I so much love that lady not because of what she has achieved today but because she refused to give in to your negative vibes to her body. 
Indeed your weaknesses today will not only make you stronger tomorrow but will also make you wiser and wealthier to fulfil your purpose and prosper in life. 
How I wish that everyone can learn from this mail that the perception of others is truly never God's promises for your destiny and God is never done with you even when men reject you. 
Please I will encourage you to pay for the services you contracted her for and perhaps open up some conversation and communication with her. 
This time around you should be open to accept her verdict and let her make her own decisions on this. 
Whether she will accept you and get married to you is her own decision to make but one lesson you must not fail to learn is that while it's awesome to appreciate the container, pleplease focus more on the content because the true worth of everything is in its content and never the container. 
Whether a lady is short, tall, fair, dark or whether the man is educated, handsome or ugly isn't always all there is to humanity. 
Please do not always seek for what to gain, sometimes find out what you can offer to help someone become better than you met him /her and not bitter for meeting you in life. 


  1. Dear poster...
    Her life is not a movie that you can pause and continue at your will...
    You can't just walk out from and walk into her life whenever you feel like....she is not an auditorium...
    You'll only be there when the condition favours's very clear to see.
    You abandoned her when it wasn't rosy and you want to reap where you did not sow probably because she has a good job and a good physique..
    How can you claim to love a girl only to leave her because she was fat? Indeed, Love has been reduced to were not in love
    In my opinion, you are not ready for marriage...Leave her alone...she wouldn't let you break her heart the second time..

  2. Dear poster,
    To my own understanding, u want to marry her because she is looking like Kim K. So tomorrow Wat if dat Kim K body shape disappear would u stay or turn away?


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