Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Husband is a Missionary Man!

Aunty Amara, God bless you plenty for you to continue to enrich us. 
Please aunty, something just happened with my hubby that made me wonder if I was wrong. 
My hubby always ejaculates quickly and always prefers the missionary style. I on the other hand would love us to spice the sex but he doesn't care all he does is mount me releases and comes down . 
I have been taking it in without complain, but when I decided to talk to him, respectfully., to consider me too during sex, and at least do what I want even if its once in a while. 
But he said its because I wasn't a virgin when he married me that's why l'm complaining. Though it's true but I felt hurt and insulted. I told him at least he knew I wasn't a virgin when he married me yet he married me. 
I now know why many women never complain if they don't enjoy sex or never ask their men for sex for fear the husband will question their chastity. 
Please house, all I want to know is, was I wrong?

Whether you were a virgin or not before you got married  has absolutely and totally nothing to do with your sexual satisfaction and fulfilment in your marriage. 
Make no mistake about this, sex is a joint venture and nobody has the monopoly to enjoy sex more than the other so you shouldn't keep quiet and burn down in pains for the fear of what he may say because you desire something different and new from the mount, release and retire (mrr) sex kind of sex. 
It will amount to selfishness and a lot of tension for any man to feel that his wife has no fantasy just like he does or doesn't have the wild cravings for a beautiful sex just like he so much desire. 
What you did wasn't wrong and if the approach you stated here be the way you talked to him about it, then I can assure you that you never did something that was a taboo in your home. 
May be you should take your destiny in your own hands, when last did you initiate love making in your home? 
When last did you give him some loving massage and ride on his penis like your jeep? 
When last did you play with his balls and tickle his breast? 
Let him know that your virginity has nothing to do with your sexual need and please let him know that you yearn for his touch just like he does for you. 
Talk to him about sex and positions that will wow him and make him celebrate your beauty and body. 
Please do not correct him during love making but do that either before lovemaking or after the session. 
To help him delay his ejaculation time, always guide his hands around those spots and areas of your body which give you more pleasure and don't be shy to tell him to caress and romance your body. 
Also massage his penis in a pleasurable manner to enable him desire more intimacy with you and also give you quality sex. 
Please spice things up to your taste and dictate the mood for a beautiful sex by guiding him to the spots and positions that will give maximum pleasure. 
Like when he's on the missionary position, plead that he holds you and then role over and be on top, that will take seconds and of course you will give him a better reasons to appreciate God for your body. 
Take your time and be patient with him, it's possible that he's naive and he's using your virginity against you and please remember as long as it's safe, healthy and emmm of course pleasurable please explore it and enjoy your God given beautiful sex. 


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