Saturday, October 3, 2015

Should I Accept Him Back?

Good evening ma. Please I really need your advice. I have been your fan and I have gained a lot from the advice you give to people. Here's my story. 
I'm a 28 years old lady, a graduate and working. There was this guy I was dating two years ago but the guy is a chronic cheat. 
We live close to each other still he brings different girls to his house knowing fully well that I might get to meet them along our street. 
When I started dating him, he had nothing, after a year he bought a car but due to the emotional stress he was putting me into, I broke up with him last year December. 
This same guy didn't care for me when I lost my dad. Infact many other things made me break up with him. 
But he's back now, begging me to give him another chance. He keeps swearing heaven and earth that he has changed. I'm scared he might hurt me again. 
Although a part of me still miss him. Please ma, should I accept him back?

I have no idea if he has changed or not but one thing that I must inform you of is that most cheaters never retire from duty so if you wish to give him another chance, then you may need to prepare your heart for anything whether good or bad. 
If while he was still in a relationship with you, he didn't even consider your emotions or feelings but went ahead to sample different shades, shapes and sizes of women in his bedroom just to spite you and ridicule your commitment, then I'm wondering the part of you that is really missing him. 
What about the sexually transmitted diseases and infections, what about unwanted pregnancies and unnecessary fights and avoidable emotional stress that you have to endure should his promises be false alarm? 
Why is he back to you and what really does he love in you, your job or you? 
Life is shaped by the choices we make so the decision is solely yours to make and the consequences is also your reward. 
Seek the face of God and please do not venture into any relationship without being convinced of who you are dating and his mission in your life or hang out with a partner whose purpose is to play with your emotions and waste your time. 

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