Sunday, October 4, 2015

I Got a Shocker!

Good day AVL and readers, happy independence day for Nigerians.
Am a female ardent reader here, yesterday I got a shocker, my fiancé told me that he cheated on me during one of his trips ( he travels for work), said his conscience was pricking him and so he had to tell me.
I left his house sad and he has been calling since then, I just ignored him for now. Well I feel so bad because I try to stay faithful and he is not , I don't know how to go about this issue. Should I just let this slide because he is a guy and its in their nature to cheat?
Or should I take it to the extreme because he might cheat again if we eventually settle together?
So many ideas running through my head...

No matter the reason for infidelity and the perception of infidelity by men or women, infidelity is evil, selfish and sincerely insensitive because it ridicules every atom of trust and commitment the partners share with each other. 
I know that your relationship has experienced a lot of turbulent times and for him to have humbled himself to confess his infidelity to you, I feel that he genuinely desire to repent from such act which made him open up to you. 
If you feel that he doesn't deserve your forgiveness , then let him be but it is both rare for a man to cheat on a lady and his conscience judge him and also confess to his partner. 
I am not holding any brief for him but if he has sincerely and genuinely repented of such act, I feel that you can consider him and build up the broken fence of trust and commitment in the relationship. 
Relationship is not a journey of two perfect individuals but a partnership of two vulnerable individuals who yearn for the support of one another to grow spiritually, emotionally and psychologically in all areas of their endeavours. 
Think about it and prayerfully decide on what's best for you and your future in life. 
In all, your happiness is worth much more than the opinions of others. 

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  1. Good advise. I think you should also forgive him and make things work.


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