Friday, October 16, 2015

My Parents Are Against His Church!

Aunty Amara happy sunday to you and your family. Please I need your help and the help of your fans.
Am a lady of 27 years old,graduate and a working class. I have a suitor who we have agreed to marry.
We have dated for nine months and he is serious about getting married to me. He is 32 years old,a graduate of accountancy but he is into building that fetches him money due to lack of employment in Nigeria.
I love him because he is a cool and caring man with fear of God but my problem is he worships in Redeemed church while am a Catholic and both of our family are staunch catholics but he changed to Redeemed.
My parents are against the church issue suggesting he comes back to catholic and also the no employment which is putting me into confusion.
Please help and advice me, I don't want to regret in future thanks. 

One thing you must not forget in a hurry is that marriage and the choice of who to marry is solely your responsibility and your personal decision and never the opinions of your parents or friends or relatives. 
If he has a personal relationship with God, he's responsible and has the qualities of the kind of Man that you desire to spend the rest of your life with, kindly let your parents and any who cares to know that you have found peace, fulfilment and love being with him. 
Religion will never give you the peace of mind that you desire, a personal relationship with God will. 
A man who in spite of the current economic melt down have decided to go into building and construction sincerely to me deserves a lot of commendations than pity. 
It shows a man who is responsible, hardworking, down to earth and focused. He is striving to make an impact in life and have not chosen to beg for money but have decided to work and earn a living no matter how little it may be. 
Instead of feeling pity for him or being confused, I feel that you should settle down and help him grow in his vision for the relationship and marriage. 
Appreciate him for his commitment and selfless devotion to the relationship, encourage him and help him to save and invest in self development that will enhance his skills and experience in his field of career. 
Give your heart to the relationship and please learn to be independent of the opinions of others. 
Seek the face of God and not men of God or your relatives, go for what makes you happy and gives you the peace of mind and fulfilment in life. 
If you don't feel that he's the one for you, then let him know and let him instead of allowing him to build his vision when you have already left him. 


  1. dear poster according to d bible no church is recognized in heaven b it redeem or Catholic, if u are sure you love your man your duty is to talk to your parent and make them see reasons,without causing friction. getting married in d church does not guarantee happiness. if you allow your parent have an overbearing influence on a once in a life decision such as this,u ll end up running to them every now and then,maturity has noting to do with age its a thing of the mind.


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