Monday, October 19, 2015

My Spirit Doesn't Like Her!

Good morning aunty Amara and followers. 
Please I want your to assist me take this weight off my neck. I met my true love in the same office where I work. When a colleague of ours who was in his team found out he was dating me, she told him that she thought they should have been the love birds in the office but her findings about him just hurt her. 
At first she thought it wasn't real but when she saw our closeness she stopped greeting me. I told my guy about it and how my spirit doesn't like her but he still kept talking to her that even in my presence she calls him heart rob . 
Meanwhile, my guy says he has no feelings for her. Please house my question is, is it possible to stop my guy from talking to her without any quarrels from us or do you think the girl has a plan. 
Thanks for your sincere response.

I understand that you don't want to share this man with any lady, it's only an indication that you truly love him. 
However if you end up giving him rules and regulations on how to relate with ladies and gentlemen when you are around him, you may end up with a fake and a second version of his personality. 
He will do all that you said as long as you are around him and will mess up with women once you are two meters away from him. 
Simply allow him to be himself and focus on your job to avoid losing your job and probably the man that you claimed loved you. 
If he wishes to hug all the ladies in your company, it's his life and personality and all you can do is simply express yourself and allow him be himself. 
If at the end you don't appreciate his personality, then you may let him be and terminate the relationship. 
But please don't choke him up with unnecessary demands especially when you cannot tell where the relationship will lead you to. 
Build a healthy and friendly relationship with him and other staff in your company and if possible keep your personal relationship out of your company business so that you can focus on your duties and responsibilities in the company. 

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