Monday, October 19, 2015

I'm Losing Her Because of Money!

Hi ma,good morning, I've been your fan for a long time now but I've been reluctant about posting my problem to you until now.
I've been in a relationship with this girl for about eight years now and she's 28 while I'm 32,though it has always been distance relationship but I always call her,do things for her as much as I could.
I put her first in my life because I made a lot of sacrifices to make sure she gets what she want,buys any beautiful things she appreciates.
She is beautiful, the best thing that has ever happened to me,she's actually the reason I got born again seven years ago cos we share the same dream and she was the one that introduced this page to me.
I uploaded her pictures freely even on my Facebook, I truly love her and she does too but the problem now is I do not have money to settle down yet

I am a hard working man and gifted in many ways,though my parents died very early but I don't want to see that as an excuse never to succeed in life. Life has been full of strives and managements but my big is always big,I strongly believed all these things happened to me in life to me stronger and better so the problem now is my girl, though she still loves me,even turned down marriages in the past because of me but now her family is mounting pressure on her to get married by introducing various men to her.
Now last night, I called her and she said her sister called her to come and she told her she gave a man her phone number who was working in an oil company in Ph,and that the man is serious and that she should give him attention.
Though I never wanted to stop her,I always encouraged her to go if she sees someone she liked but all that was to console myself.
She's my dream,I can't imagine a future without her in it. Presently am working as an electrician after the business I did for five years in Ph collapsed. I'm now in lagos but not getting enough work to make ends meet but still at that, i still send money sometimes in school so that she doesn't get stuck with things.
Her parents weren't that very buoyant financially but I never mind cos I see us as rich in the spirit. I wanted to be an engineer I wanted to go further still money was the issue, only her younger siblings knew me when things were good because we use to live in the same street.
Many times I've asked her to let me be known by her parents and elder siblings she said no,that she can't do that until am capable of settling down,my siblings know her too.
Please sorry for the long write up,just wanted the world to know that I love my baby from the depth of my heart but am losing her now because of money.
It's really a nightmare. Please ma,talk to me,I need your counsel.

I appreciate your sincerity and commitment to helping this lady discover herself and for loving her the way and in the manner that you did in spite of the many challenges that life may have thrown at you. 
You have given much more than you could have possibly done and I commend your good heart and kindness towards her. 
Just like every other individuals, your partner is under pressure from all corners of her life. From her hormones to her family and her relatives, everyone is asking the same question, when will this be? 
If you have committed your heart to a job for eight years, definitely you would seek to be promoted even when they simply ignored you. 
This may be the same with your partner, she yearns and prays for that moment when you will give her a ring of your commitment, and devotion to her even though you may not have enough. 
She desires to see through your heart the plans you have for her in the future. 
Many ladies have waited endlessly for their partner only for them to succeed someday and realise that she was never the kind of girl they wanted. 
Brother, I know that you may not have sufficient money to buy her the world but I am yet to see a man who will give up on the lady he truly cherishes all because he doesn't have funds or suggest to the lady that he's not certain that the relationship will progress to a greater height than it was. 
Instead of looking around to know who gives her his number or gets her attention, organise yourself and get her a ring even if it's N1000 engagement ring. 
Challenge yourself to succeed by expanding your networks in the church, social media and making new friends. 
Get to know where there are projects and send your quotations. Now may not be the best time to go to school but you can acquire some experiences and become an expert in your field. 
Do not underestimate your skills because you are not making enough today, keep improving daily on your abilities and explore other ways to make it more efficient, effective and easier than you thought of. 
Learn to save and also invest in some businesses that you can give out to others while you supervise their duties. 
A lady who sees your commitment will give her all to see you succeed and prosper in that field. 
Not having money may not necessarily be the challenge but not having a vision definitely will push any lady out of your life. What makes money work for you is when you set your heart to achieve something that you are convinced of. 
In life, nobody ever has enough money but when you have enough courage to begin and the commitment to give your heart to your commitment, you will never fail to accomplish that which you desire. 
Take her on a date and let her know your vision and passion about the relationship, let her know how much you cherish her and your commitment to seeing that you and her live as husband and wife someday. 
Find out what her fears and concerns are and her thoughts are about the relationship. 
If she feels choked or tired of growing with you, then let her be and please do not pressurise her to staying back. 
You may surprise her by engaging her on a low key and making some plans together with her. 
A lady who has stayed with you for eight years and has turned other men down truly loves you, her real worry is, when will I enter and enjoy your promised land of freedom and pleasure? 


  1. Admin, if it's possible send me this guy's contact inasmuch as the story is true. I might have a business that'll help him.

    Dr. Henry

  2. Mr. please fix a date for Introduction and start organizing your persons and fund. Do what you need to do as simply and cheaply as you can. All these stories of yours cannot save the situation.


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