Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Possible Causes of Delay in Conception!

Good morning Mrs Van-Lare. Am so grateful for how you and your fans have contributed immensely in solving most of my problems. 
Please am here again to seek advice. Am married but having delay in conception. Please what could be the possible cause of the delay and solutions? 
I will be more grateful if am notified when this is posted. God bless you and your home.

Let me begin from the known and proceed to the unknown. 
Many couples have sex simply because they desire to have babies. While I understand that it is the desire of every couple to one day receive the most beautiful news of being pregnant, most of the couples have infused so much pressure and tension in their body that even the penis is scared of making good love with the vagina thereby leading to quick ejaculation and in extreme cases erectile dysfunction. 

One of the basic benefits of companionship is great and fulfilling sex with your companion, it is medically proven that when you enjoy your sexual intimacy you increase your chances of conceiving your baby than when you have sex based on your calendar. 

Some ladies experience the expulsion of the sperm from their body after love making. 
To help you,place a pillow under your buttocks so that the sperm can get to the neck of the womb faster to the egg for fertilisation. 
So one reason is simply because couples do not enjoy sex and they're too holy to explore their own bodies and derive maximum pleasure in love making. 
So do you mind going all the way to ease the tension and enjoy your marriage with great sex. 
Try positions like missionary, doggy and any other position that allows him to have maximum penetration. 

Another reason could be as a result of the sperm quality of the man. 
The sperm is what the egg yearns for which will enable the woman to get pregnant. 
If the sperm count is low or the sperm motility is very slow, phew, no matter the volume of sperm he releases inside your body, it's just as good as pouring groundnut oil in a pot without frying anything. 
So the man will need to examine his sperm so that we will be sure that we have a viable seed that will make a woman sing that special song. 

When the sperm is certified good enough, then the next possible hindrance can be infections. 
You see, the acid in the vagina kills some sperm cells so imagine when there is an added infections to the acid, the sperm will be dead on arrival. 
Painfully many women do not take good care of their body because they're shy or afraid of being tagged with names. 

Some of these infections can be contracted from the public toilet, wearing of dirty clothes, using dirty water and over cleaning of the vagina. 
The way some of these infections are treated also contribute to misconception because they leave the bacteria and the fungi half dead half living thereby inhibiting conception. 
This is why it is advisable for for a woman to always go for a check up whether single or married and to also maintain a good hygiene so that we can hear those lovely cries of the little babies. 

Many women have lived a rough life in the past and have done some stuff, I meant terrible stuff before they got married. 
Some women hide the key of their house inside the vagina, some committed abortion and some in their bid to explore their body have inserted one thing or the other inside the honeybee. 
Some men in their desire to make their partner to scream their name have poured ice cream, honey, sugar and wine inside the vagina to enjoy this beautiful part of the body. 

Painfully some of those attitudes end up with some unpalatable consequences which frustrates the couple in their quest for a baby. 
For example some ladies placed their womb at the mercy of an untrained doctor who damaged their womb during abortion. 
While God forgives, some of those mistakes and rough life may end up hunting such a person. 
Hormonal imbalance can also affect your chances of conceiving your baby and your ovulation rate which sometimes maybe linked to infections in your body. 

Also there is a relationship between good meal and conception. This is because we have there are meals and food supplements that boost the sperm and also stabilise the hormones of the couples looking for the fruits of the womb. 
So you might as well consider eating well and avoiding too much calories in your system for efficient blood flow and stable pressure.

Finally it maybe God's way of testing your faith and trust in him. This may sound self explanatory but the experience is most times never self explanatory. 
God's ways isn't the same with men just as we know that children are a precious gift from heaven, sperm may meet egg but children belongs to God and if he decides to delay them, your best bet will be to hold unto God and wait patiently for your own bundle of blessings and joy. 

While the pressure is most times on the lady, the truth is that it takes two to achieve conception and when couples unite together with one purpose and love, they will surely receive the treasure of heaven for their own family. 
So couples looking for the fruits of the womb ought to go for medical check up together, examine their body /organ together and also trust in God without wavering in their faith.  

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