Thursday, October 8, 2015

Should I Proceed with the Relationship?

Good morning ma, am 29 years old. I have a girlfriend who is 24years old. After four days we were in the relationship she asked me for money to buy wears and bag,and I asked like how much? And she replied; N20,000, two days later I gave N5,000. 
After two weeks she left Lagos for school. One day she called telling me her land lord was asking for more money, she wanted to buy textbooks, and her shool fees was stolen, in a nut shell I sent N39,000 in two and half months. 
She came to Lagos for break, a month later she went back to school and start asking me for money which I still sent N11,000 to her. Few day later she asked for money and I explained things to her but she kept complaining that I have not sent money to her over two months. 
I begged her to bear with me. After that day she started avoiding my calls, some time two day I won't call her and she won't mind to call and if I still call and ask her why she was not calling me, her answer would be that am broke. 
Now she is through with her exam and said she's writting her project and it will take one month and also said that she needs break from our relationship, though I love her but my mind is telling me that she is with another guy. 
Please help me. Should I proceed with the relationship?

Dear brother, even if money grows on the trees, people climb up to pluck it and they invest their time, energy, life and pleasure just to get a fraction of it. 
If anyone be it a lady or man doesn't even care about how you make your money, what you invest your money on, how you plan your life and your prospects in the future, please flee from such a parasitic partnership. 
If within the space of two months of knowing a lady you have already spent N75000 and she didn't even care to know how you survive and what your vision is in life, what made you feel that this lady truly loves you and that she will be there for you when you need help? 
Please snap yourself out of such a hopeless partner. She's not the kind of help God prepared for your destiny. 
I don't have any issues with how much you gave her but I have serious issues with her attitude towards you as an individual and as a partner in the relationship. 
Obviously she's not interested in you and there's every possibility that she's with another man. 
No well trained lady will defraud another man all because he expressed his feelings and intentions for her. 
Even if she is not interested in him, she wouldn't also demand for his money for whatsoever reasons. 
Please I will encourage you to take ten steps backward to avoid thinking of doing something unlawful to please a lady.
That's not God's provision for you and your destiny. 
Be careful with any partner whose interest is in your pocket and not in your passion and vision in life. 
Allow her to face her project and look unto God for a partner who will help you find happiness and fulfilment in life and marriage. 

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