Thursday, October 8, 2015

She Hardly Communicate with Me!

Good p.m big aunty tuaaaleee for your hard work. I really appreciate you. 
I have a lady am dating right from my higher institution, I really love this lady but she started misbehaving when things were not working out for me again. 
I couldn't meet up with her neccesity and she nags about that, saying all manner of things which I just kept bearing because I really love her not that other girls don't want a relationsip to click between me and them but I just love this lady but she kept on misbehaving Goosh am just tired. 
Now we both don't want to dissolve the relationship but she is not picking my calls, no text nothing. 
To my greatest suprise my mum called her and she was not picking.
Please advice me, should I just go or give her some time maybe she wants to come out in a different dimension. 

If your partner shuts off when the circumstances are not favourable, it's obvious that such a partner is a fair weather partner and cannot stand with you when the times are hard. 
Fair weather partner will celebrate with you when you have enough money to throw around but such a partner will suddenly feel bored and tired once the cash isn't available anymore no matter your efforts and commitment to the relationship. 
What you need as an individual isn't a fair weather partner but an all weather partner who is not in love with what you have but in love with who you are and is willing to stand by you even when the world is against you or mocking your status. 
You need a partner who believes in your personality and not in your pocket and will give you wise counsel,pray for you and support you in her own way no matter how little it maybe. 
I understand that you love her dearly and she has all the qualities that you desire in a lady, make out time to see her and have a heart to heart discussion with her and find out why she's been cold lately. 
Listen to her and find out why she hasn't been communicating with you and your family. 
Please don't make assumptions or think that because she hasn't said it, that she's still with you. 
If she no longer see see the man that she desire in you, please do not force her to continue with the relationship but kindly allow her to be with who she desire. 
You don't need a partner who will put so much pressure on you especially now that you need to be focused and strategize on how to conquer the world and fulfil the purpose of your life and destiny. 
Sort things out with her so that you can organise yourself and look ahead to what the future holds for you. 
Commit everything to God so that He will open the eyes of your heart to discern the difference between beauty and virtues that you need in the partner you desire to spend the rest of your life with. 

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  1. You mean she refused to pick Mom's call? She dey craze? You can insult/disrespect me all you want,no much problem. But,never try that on my parents,or on yours. You will be in a very big hot soup specially prepared by me. She can refuse to pick your call,no problem. But,refusing to pick your mom's,coupled with her attitude,please,tell her 'bye-bye'. You are better off without her. Love can kill you. Protect yourself. ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

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