Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Beauty of Goodbye

Letting go is always a very difficult thing to do. Goodbye has always been a painful moment. It's tough seeing that which you cherish go away. It's tough seeing that relationship you have put so much energy and time into go. It's never easy watching as the person you dearly love slips into the arms of another. You have worked so hard and put in so much into that job. In that ministry where you serve, you have given your all even when the condition isn't favorable. It hurts, so bad. But sometimes, you can't help but settle for the option of letting go.

For you to move into your next place in life, you must know when to stop holding tightly to that thing. You cannot see the blessing God has kept for you in that new relationship because you are busy nurturing a dead one. Yes, God can bring dead things back to life; I  know He is able to bring dry bones back to life. But I also know that sometimes He wants you to accept the fact that it's dead and He doesn't want it for you. Sometimes all He wants you to do is walk and run without looking back.

You've been in that ministry for so long. Your gifts are not even allowed to manifest. You have been subdued spiritually and emotionally and now it's like you have become that unfaithful servant who has refused to use his talent. You are as good as dead. What are you doing with your gifts? Even when you speak true words of prophecy, they ask you to shut up. You have gone through that training long enough and it's time to say goodbye.

The boss you serve so well finds a good reason to keep you down every new year. He comes up with a million and one reasons why you must not be sent to head a new department. He wants you to forever remain his servant. He knows what you have in you and so he can't stand and watch you succeed. Tough, very tough. You have put in years into that job and your family wants it for you. But, is that what you want for yourself? Are you happy being there? Can you see a future for you in that company? It may be time to say goodbye.

He has kept you for five years and every year, there's a flimsy excuse for the wait. Everyone now knows you as Mrs. when you are not close to being one. It is not what you want; you are being forced to take what you are fed with. You know you are not happy in that relationship; it's draining the life out of you; it's hindering you from fulfilling purpose, but you can't imagine the shame and ridicule that comes with losing a relationship. Oh dear, I feel for you and I know the world will mock you once again. But who cares? It's your life and it's time to say goodbye.

Until you release yourself from the old and ugly, the new and beautiful will not show up. Yes;it's time to love yourself the way you should. Give that handshake today and let them know it wasn't too good but it was okay while it lasted. Give that kiss today and let them know it is what it is.

Remember the quote by Paul Coehlo, "if you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello". If you are on the part of justice, God will see you through.
Brace up. Be courageous. It's time for a goodbye.

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