Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I and my fiance have been dating for close to two years now, he is everything I want in a man and we are very compatible, we love each other very much and he treats me like a queen. 
When we started dating, he usually tell me about his only sister named
chioma(not real name), he told me a lot about her, the time she cooked good food and when she cooked salty and pepperish foods, the time they quarreled, the time
they make-up & play, the time they sleep on the same bed e.t.c. 
At first I didn't see it as anything because she was just his sister but when he started talking a little too much about chioma, I started getting angry and a little jealous but there was nothing I could do, I can't possibly tell him to steer away from his own sister, so I kept mute.
Few weeks ago, my fiance's mum told me to spend the weekend with them which my parents consented to, it was my first time of going to his family house, immediately we got into the compound, a girl of about 20 years rushed to hug my fiance and gave him a peck, my fiance then picked her up and tossed her around like a baby, I got angry instantly, then after that, he introduced the girl to me as the chioma he had been telling me about, my anger cooled and I hugged chioma. 
I enjoyed my stay in the house except for the fact that my fiance seemed to have something with this sister of his. When I'm in the kitchen cooking, he and his sister will be outside gisting and playing but when his sister is cooking, he will join her in the kitchen to help her and even play with her, that is unlike him because he usually helps and play with me in the kitchen when we were together. 
Sometimes, when I and his sister are watching TV in the living room, he will go straight and sit beside his sister instead of me, I get so angry when that happens. What really annoys me is the way they play, hug and peck each other like lovers.
And I ask, is it the same with every man, because I and my brother are not attracted to each other like this, or am I just being paranoid?

Phew, we are living in a strange times where anything is possible but sweetheart, let's take this a step at a time. 
They're blood related and they are mutually happy with each other. Whether there are dots connecting them can only be revealed with time. 
Instead of being paranoid about his closeness, use the opportunity to learn more about her possibly from her. 
Make her your friend and find out more about her passion and interest in life. Maybe you will understand why they share the kind of love that is a bit uncomfortable for you. 
Don't push your fiancĂ© away because of this as there maybe nothing where you feel that there possibly could be. 
One thing is certain, he's preparing to wed you someday which is a good indication that he may not be having sexual relationship with his own sister. 
Like I said, get hold of yourself, humble yourself and grow with the family so that you can bond with your husband perfectly without having to struggle and compete with everyone in the family. 
It possibly could be because of their struggles and challenges that brought them close to each other but where I would have issues is when his sister knows the colour of your undies and the likes. 
If he can separate his relationship with you from his family, then he's mature enough for marriage. 


  1. Make friends with her. Show her some romantic pics you took with her brother and watch her reaction. Hug him before her and watch her reaction. That's how to know whether she's your sister-in-law-to-be or rival. But I don't think your fiance's mum would invite you over when she's around if she were a rival.


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