Monday, October 26, 2015

He Gave me a Deadline for Sex!

Good day ma. I thank God that is using you to restore broken homes and lives.
Ma am currently in a confused state,don't know what to do. Am a lady of 25 years. I have two guys, one is a civil servant. He is always busy with his work,he doesn't have time for me,one month will pass and he won't call,am not even talking about money cos he doesn't give me,am a student but am the one doing all the calling yet am not complaining.
The  second guy loves,cares and adores me. He graduated this year and will be going for his NYSC by next year.
The issue am having is that he wants to have sex with me and gave me a deadline of 9th November which is his birthday.
That he will break up with me on that day if I don't do it and am a virgin.
Both of them are aware that am a virgin. The second helps me a lot ,he is always there for me at all times and first said that if I ever allow another man break me that he will never forgive me in life and he is planning on paying my bride price by January next year but due to his nonchalant behaviour I have lost interest in him.
I don't know what to do,whether to give in to the second guy's request cos he is the only one that gives me happiness,cares for me,helps me in buying my hand-outs and transport fare cos my people are not financially buoyant.
Please what should I do in this situation?

Beloved, I understand how you feel about the relationship between your first applicant and the conditional caring man. 
Yes he has showered so much care and attention for you and has helped you write your project and even supported you when you were hungry. 
Indeed he deserves to be appreciated for his kind gesture but I can't tell is whether your vagina is worth the kind of appreciation he's demanding from you. 
Don't you think that you worth more than that in your relationship with him? 
What if you offer your precious virgin vagina to him and you gracefully get pregnant for him, do you think that he will still be this nice, caring, loving and supportive as he has been in the past assuming that God never condemned it? 
Since you knew that your first partner wasn't taking good care of you, why didn't you terminate the relationship with him but went ahead to contract another man and is contemplating having sex with him? 
I understand that you don't have so much for your need but please do not reduce your value so much that you forget that you will bear the greater consequences for such a decision. 
Please do not forget that the sweetness of sex wouldn't make pregnancy easy for you and that you gave him sex doesn't mean that he will get married to you. 
I am really worried that he gave you a deadline for the breaking of your virginity as though he has paid your bride prize. 
My dear since it has become an ultimatum, kindly turn the relationship down and possibly discuss your future with your first partner if you are comfortable with him and you are convinced that he's the one for you, else terminate your relationship with him and organise your life and focus on graduating with good grades. 
It's more honorable not to have money than to put yourself through a humiliating experience with many regrets and pains.
If he desires to have sex with you, then he should pay your bride prize and you can give him any style that he desires. 
Until then please keep your body for your husband and kindly terminate the relationship with him. 
Maybe I should also advise you,if you are not convinced of a particular man who have an interest in you, please do not accept his cookies because most times they are not string free delivery. 
Be wise and seek for legitimate ways to make some money for your academics. 
It's well with you my dear. 


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  2. The second guy that gave you ultimatum has no genuine feelings about you. All he wants from you is your virginity and nothing else. Lust and love are two different things, what you called love and caring from him is nothing but lust for your virginity. He just want to put it down in his history book that he received virginity as birthday gift. Don't be surprised that if you eventually succumb to his pressure, that would be the end of the relationship, because you will have no value again before him. Finally, if you really love him so foolishly that you cannot wait to get married before sex, then tell him that you will offer him the virginity as a congratulatory gift when he is done with his youth service. Because if you give it to him now, he will go there and switch to another woman; after all you have given him your pride of womanhood. Be warned and be careful!

  3. Dear poster...
    I don't think the second guy has possesses all these good qualities you mentioned because he actually has a target which is your let us say he is simply paying the bills of sleeping with you before hand..Those gestures were never from his heart..I don't think he is a good guy..A guy that can give such a condition has a heart of stone...he is as wicked as lucifer..
    Only the devil gives with one hand and takes with the other hand...Do not be decieved.
    Let him go..Your virginity is priceless and it attracts it's own special blessings from God..hold on to it and let him go with his cheap chicken change..God will see you through school..

  4. My dear, you cannot be stranded, look up to God and he will provide for your needs at any point in time. Do not give in to the so called caring man's pressure. Close your thighs.

  5. Dear poster , I volunteer to pay him back all he's given you so far. Please do not trade your virginity for pork chop! Love is not selfish, proud and arrogant.

  6. Dear poster , I volunteer to pay him back all he's given you so far. Please do not trade your virginity for pork chop! Love is not selfish, proud and arrogant.


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