Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Many Lies of Religion

Okay; religious leaders have told some of you not to go for blood transfusion, don't take prescription drugs for your health, and giving birth by Cesarean Section is not for a child of God like you.
A family friend died because while the doctors wanted to do blood transfusion, his pastor called to tell them not to because his own Holy Spirit told him that the man would die once transfusion was done. Well, the ignorant wife who listened to the fake guy is now a widow and her children, fatherless. She hated the pastor later and has since left the church.
Some said you must never swallow those drugs because when the general overseer was sick, God appeared and told him not to take drugs. I am not doubting the fact that God spoke to him, but I am amazed at the level of ignorance of God's word.
That God appeared and ministered to your general overseer in a particular way doesn't mean that's the same way God must minister to all the members. You can never understand this God and He is new every morning and becomes different things in different situations.  Don't also forget that He deals with each and everyone of us according to our level of faith and intimacy with Him. Think and use your brain.
What about dream interpreters who write books on interpretation of dreams? They tell you that if you see yourself wearing a beautiful clothe in the dream, you are possessed by marine spirits. Well, I dreamt of this beautiful dress on my wedding day and naming ceremonies of my children. If that your marine spirit crosses my door eh, I will break his or her neck. If you see yourself in a coffin, it means you are dying soon. Well, if I see myself in a coffin, it means my old man is dead and the new is resurrected in Christ.
Always remember that the way God interprets dream to a farmer is different from the way He does to an engineer. Stop patronizing those dream books. They prosper so much in Africa because of high level of poverty and illiteracy. Check who patronize these people;  the poor and uneducated.
Now, the issue of CS. Many women, uncountable number of women have lost their precious lives all because of their ignorance of God's word. It's good to pray and believe you will deliver like the Hebrew women of Moses time in Egypt; that was what God orchestrated to keep them safe from Pharoah. Believe God for that, but be open to God's way of deliverance for you as an individual. Even the Hebrew women of today go for Cesarean Section.
Don't lose your life and don't lose your baby because of ignorance. CS is no longer what it used to be, it's very safe in our time. Many couples who don't want stress on the woman go in and sign for elective CS; it's no big deal.
However God chooses to deliver your baby is supernatural. What makes it supernatural is the fact that mother is alive and baby is well.

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