Sunday, October 4, 2015

We are Both AS

Hello Ma, greetings from Canada.. I'm a young man of positive vibe who believe in the sentence '' all things are possible''. I have a young lady in mind who I would love to marry, but the issue is that we are both AS genotype(having in mind that the chances of giving birth to  much AA and AS child is slim ). Knowing that you are based in the US and might have links and information from expert doctors, Is their any scientific measure to be taken in order to have a remedy for that child bearing issue, as I'm willing to take all measures, both scientific and biblical. Thank you.

My Brother,
It's good to be in love; love is a beautiful thing. But if you can find time to visit a sickle cell centre, you would realize that no love is worth the peace and health of your unborn children. When the stress that comes with having sickle cell children sets in, you will not remember this thing called love; the love may turn to hate.
See this
I know some will come with all that "nothing is impossible with God", but I also know that the Bible says "you shall not tempt the Lord your God". Yes, God has delivered people who got into things out of ignorance, but I  don't think we should, with our clear eyes, jump into fire and then start calling God.
I don't know how true this is, but someone recently told me that it can be taken care of medically if your pocket is loaded and you are willing to go through the pain. I am not sure of this, but you can go to your doctor for the best advice.
I also read that if you are lucky, you may escape it with just one or two babies. But, why put yourself through this stress?
This said, I want you to know that sometimes the only way to show that we love that person is to let him or her go. Would that be heartbreaking? Absolutely, but you are happier at the end.
Whatever your decision is, I wish you luck.


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  2. Dear poster
    Truth is, u cannot walk into the lion's Den and then demand Daniels miracle from God...there's no faith in that. Just like AVL pointed out, "do not tempt the Lord ur God" because,
    when the issues will come u will not remember u told AVL how much you loved her dat time it will turn to hate.
    Pls listen to AVL she nailed it perfectly, unless u people don't want to bear biological children and go in with adoption.


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