Monday, October 19, 2015

What Should I Do Really?

Hi Amara good evening...Please I need your advice..
I and my ex agreed on having a baby....I eventually got pregnant. He was so excited about everything until when I was six months pregnant.
He abandoned me, left me with the baby even after delivery he does not want to have anything to do with me and his child..
I have problem moving on...I still love him. I have many suitors coming but I can't seem to give any a chance.
What should I do really?

Really you need to wake up to the reality that is staring at your face. He was so excited about your vagina but not same when harvesting the babies. He wanted to feel your body and you decided to open your legs for the miracle, he abandoned you and your baby and you had to raise your baby all alone yet you couldn't get the message really? 
What if after waiting for him to come back to you, he ends up getting married to another lady and coming back for his child, what will be your fate then when you cannot even get a home to call yours anymore? 
What exactly did he do to you that made you forget that time never waits for anyone, was it the way he made love to you the way his face looked like?
Please wake up now and start living out your dreams and vision in life. 
Waiting for him will either make you miserable or blind your employer from recognising your husband when he comes to you. Please do not let your emotions and imaginations deceive you from enjoying your marriage and family with your husband all because you are waiting for a man who may never appreciate you for who you are but will always see you as a burden to him. 

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