Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Ministry of Hugs

From T. D. Jakes

We should all strive to have a tremendous compassion for hurting people.You may not have all the money to give that person, but a simple hug and a warm smile can heal the pain.The touch of a fellow traveler lets us know we are not alone in our struggle.
Are you broken? Please come to Jesus Christ my Lord. He can give you strength and nourishment to carry on.The Spirit calls; the burdened need only answer.

Maybe you wrestle with guilt.You have been hearing babies crying in your spirit.You feel so dirty.You've had several abortions. You've been misused and abused. The devil keeps bringing up your past failures through guilt and the numerous voices of his surrounding you in form of friends. Just call out to the Lord for salvation. He forgives and remembers them no more.

He will restore to you the years the cankerworm and the locust ate. He wants to restore the years you sowed in tears. He will give it back to you. No matter what you have suffered, you can hold up your head. Regardless of who has hurt you, hold your head high. Forget the guilt of how many times you have failed in your career and relationships. Put aside thoughts of those who have mistreated you.You may have been a lesbian.You may have been a crack addict.You may have been molested. My dear,you can't change where you have been, but you can change where you are going.

You are a survivor.You survived the abuse in marriage.You survived the rape.You survived the painful childhood.You survived the pains of childlessness and widowhood. Its time to forgive because you a survivor. Celebrate your survival.Instead of agonizing over your tragedies,celebrate your victory and thank God you made it. I charge you to step over your adversity and walk into newness. It will be like stepping from storm into sunshine. Step into it now.

Then, after you have had some time to heal,use your experience to heal others. I have forgiven and forgotten.I have put the past behind me and that is why I bring healing to hurting hearts. When you lay it down at the feet of the Master, when you get to Calvary and drop it there for The precious Lamb of God, He carries it from you and then gives you His own burden for the people. You can have the ministry of hugs and comfort.

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