Monday, November 23, 2015

Am Shocked with my Findings about Him!

Good evening ma please I need your sincere help and that of the wonderful people of this house.
I have been engaged to my fiance for over a year now and he is 12 years older than me. We are both working but when I talk about proceeding with the marriage plans he would come up with one story or the other example I don't want to have my kids in Nigeria so let's wait a little more and make more money.
Just this month I found in his library a marriage certificate dated 2008 bearing his name and the lady's and to worsen matters, I also found a birth certificate dated 2009 bearing his name as the father and the same lady the mother of the boy child.
Am still in shock and I don't know how to confront him. Am confused please help me. I don't want to lose my man.. Thanks everyone for your love and care.

Sweetheart, now that you have received these certificates of his wedding and that of the birth of his own son. 
Go further and search for the whereabouts of his wife and son to know more about them and what they are currently up to. 
If he couldn't tell you the truth, then tell yourself the truth by leaving his house and digging deep to know more about the man who plans to give birth to his children in the USA while raising his family in a hidden location. 
Though you may argue that he's your man because of the engagement ring you have but then again if his wife is alive, then he's already the man of another lady and the father of a son (I mean the one that you could tell of). 
I would have said that you should confront him but take your time and make some detailed research into his life but this you must not forget that a man who could hide such a vital information from you is definitely not the kind of man that God has prepared for your happiness and fulfilment in life. 
When you have gotten the details,I'm certain that you will be strong enough to decide whether to return his ring back to him or continue with the relationship. 
And then you may discuss your findings with him and seek for further clarifications to the certificates you found in his library.


  1. Dear,he is not your man - PLEASE,LOSE HIM. He has been playing with your mind. Even if he is divorced(don't believe it),is that enough reason to be making a mockery of your intelligence. By the way,hope you are not living with him,cos your 'body language' sounds em.....em
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  3. Lmao. One person will read all these over one topic.SMH


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