Monday, November 23, 2015

When Should a Mother in Law Know of a Wife's EDD?

Good morning ma. I appreciate God for blessing many lives and homes through you and I pray He will continue to multiply you in folds.

Please ma, I would like to go straight to the the point with my question and would be glad if you would notify me when posted.

So here it goes ma; Is it right for a hubby's family members to be aware of their pregnant wife's EDD (Expected Due Date) and sex of the unborn child? Or better still, when is it right to tell a mother in law of wife's EDD?

I'm asking this because I've heard series of advise and philosophy which tells it's an unsafe act, while some say it's normal especially in homes where they run a 100% open relationship; no secret affair homes. I believe your kind response will not only be beneficial to me alone but also to other wives who find find themselves in this same picture. I look forward to your response ma

Thank you.

My sweetheart, 
My opinion may not be the best option for your marriage because relationship and cultures differ from one individual to another. 
However the information of the information of a wife's pregnancy should be known only to her husband and to the mother of the wife or the person who will be coming to attend to the health of the baby and support the nursing mother. 
But to reveal such a sensitive information to all and sundry is a bit not the best way to announce the arrival of the baby. 
However if such be the culture of the man's family, then you may have to learn to adapt to their ways of life and not make such a big issue in your marriage. 
But conventionally it should not be a public information but an information that should be known by your doctor, your husband and the person who the husband and wife have agreed to come over and render some assistance during the period of delivery. 

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  1. Only God know EED, during my time I use wisdon to answer rhe question in as mush as I tried to hide it.i just told them mother I don't belive in EED, when God said it's time only him has the day.shikena..!


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