Saturday, November 7, 2015

He Always Demand for Sex!

I met a guy in June,he lives around my environment and he's a soldier,he has been asking me out and even said he doesn't want me as a girlfriend and in August I accepted him during this period that I have known him he hardly call he only calls to see me when he wants to have sex which I have been refusing Him.
On my birthday he took me to his friend's place and wanted to have sex which I refused and told him if he really love me like he claimed that he shouldn't be in a hurry for it and he got upset.
Just last week he called and while we were in his car discussing he told me he wants to have sex with me in his car,I don't understand what he takes me to be just need your advice on how to go about it.

Sweetheart, if all a man sees in you be your boobs and vagina, then he has no idea what you look like nor does he care about what your heart desires or what makes you happy. 
Today is the day of salvation because he hasn't slept with you because the moment he does and you gracefully conceive for him, then you will understand why many don't crave to be friends with soldiers.. Lol. 
From the way he's going the next time he takes you out, you may never survive it because he will no longer listen to you and your sermon about sex. 
My advice is simple and brief, run as far as your legs can take you. 
Quit communicating with him and stop receiving the gifts of a soldier because you may turn to a suspect if you don't comply with their terms and conditions of receiving his gift. 
Please respect your family and friends by focusing on your future and studies to avoid getting pregnant for your innocent family. 
Be guided and help yourself now that you have the conscience to do so. 

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  1. Do you love him? So why are you asking for advice, if you want gives him whatever he wants beeing sure he's going to jump you pretty soon. Bye


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