Monday, November 30, 2015

He's Hiding His Baby from His Parents!

Hi Madame Amara,I wrote to you sometime back requesting you for a private venue to communicate with you. Am so grateful you replied and even left me your email address.
Before I open myself to you I want to believe that you are a God fearing woman,and it's even evident from your mails because I have been following you closely.
Am a 34 year old woman who is going through a lot,let me just say I have never been lucky in my life,my unfortunate life started way back when I was a little girl which made me question every move that I made and become reserved,anyway let me not go to that and go straight to the reason I contacted you.
In 2013 I came back home from working overseas as a maid,and met a long time friend of mine,we had known each other for more than five years and we were really good friends.To tell you the truth before I went overseas and slightly after I came back I never thought that he could be more than a friend to me,but after seeing me he started pursuing me.
To cut the long story short I did find myself in his web and I changed the way I thought of him since he had all the qualities I was looking for in a man.
On Dec of 2014 I just decided to go for a test and was soo shocked to find out that I was positive,when I told him he was shocked too ,went for a test and found he was positive too ,but since I already loved him we decided to keep it to ourselves,but that Dec I got to know a lot about him that I didn't know one of the things being that he got married and had a son when I was overseas,but they had divorced by the time I came back.
Come January I realized that I was pregnant,was so happy because I really wanted a child but when I told him,he pretended he was happy. As time progressed he started telling me he wasn't planning on having a child with me let alone live with me due to his first failed marriage,but God is great because he never told me to abort of which I wouldn't have agreed anyway but he was not ready to live with me.
During the entire pregnancy I faced many challenges since and to make matters worse I had no job to sustain myself and I didn't want to go and live with my single mum as she already had a lot in her plate. One day we had a disagreement with his younger brother whom we were living with,he decided that one of us had to go and it wasn't going to be his brother so automatically it was me.
I lived for a month at my aunt's place then I had to go live with my mum. All this time we were communicating and we had decided I would look for a house before the baby comes,but every time we went to look for a house one thing would come up and to make matters worse his mum was diagnosed with cancer.
My baby came early but I thank God I delivered normally after more than twenty four hours of gruesome labour. He talked to me and I agreed to go live with my mum for a week but believe me it is now three months still sleeping on the couch with my baby and every time he is telling me we would look for a house. Am grateful because he looks after his son,he says he loves his son and he feels bad that he sleeps on the couch,and apart from.the two pairs of clothes he bought for him when I gave birth,the rest my mum bought for me as a gift.
I feel soo stressed and frustrated. Like now just the other day he told me that I will go live with him as from this coming Tuesday for the time being before we look for a house. I asked him what about the brother but he told me it's okay,to make matters worse also he doesn't want his parents or other siblings to know he has a child,and I did ask him what about his parents but he said he would know what to do..
Please madame advise me please on what to do because I don't know whether to believe him or not.
Sorry for the long story just need someone to talk to. By the way I have faith am healed even though am taking medication. Am a strong believer..

I cherish your faith and convictions in God's word and in your decision to make an impact not minding the challenges that you are experiencing today. 
While I may not dwell on the errors of the past, I hope that you many will learn not to enter any relationship without making adequate investigations into the life of an individual before accepting his or her proposal for a relationship. 
Now that you have a baby boy, kindly focus on giving him the very best and please stay with your family until the marital rites have been fulfilled by him and his family. 
Else you have no business living with him because he had no intentions of getting married to you nor does he have any plans to commit himself to you or your baby. 
Get busy and raise some funds to take care of your baby and your health while we look unto God to perfect your healing in Jesus name Amen. 
This is not the time to regret or give up but time to give your heart to raising your son to become the best in his generation. It's well with you and I believe that God is at work in you to prosper and favour you in life and to give you a glorious end in Him. 

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