Tuesday, December 1, 2015

His Pocket Scares Me!

Good evening ma, God bless you more for your assistance in times we need them.
Am a lady of 23 years and a fresh graduate in a relationship with a guy of 33 years a graduate too..
He is everything I desire in a man and he loves me without doubt.. All our desires have been to be together no matter the cost so we decided to have our traditional wedding next month.
Preparations are going on now though on a low key.. But my problem is he doesn't have much in financial aspect. He is a junior staff in a state government sector, so he is not paid well or some times not paid at all ...
But he is hardworking and have great plans for the future... Sometimes this situation scares me and I wonder what life will look like after our wedding though we have plan of not having babies yet and starting up a business from our little income,(cos am a corp member).
I still feel afraid of the uncertain future. I don't know if am on the right or wrong track now! .
Please I need a word of advice ma.. Thanks.

He who works with God and puts all his trust in Him is always on the right track. It doesn't matter what you are seeing today because they don't predict what God's will and plans are for your future. 
What you need is the wisdom and patience and understanding and the faith in your vision and marriage. 
You need to be emotionally and spiritually prepared to work with your husband into achieving the kind of future that you desire. 
Organise yourself, learn to save and make some investment. I'm happy that you have already started by joining some marketing businesses. 
With your savings, think of some businesses that you and your husband can invest in with little or no risks involved. 
That he's earning a little today doesn't mean that he will not grow nor does it mean that you will end up becoming poor in the future. 
He needs a partner who understands the times and is willing to make some sacrifices to support her partner and give him the counsel and suggestions that will inspire him to achieve more and make better use of his finances. 
You don't have to be afraid because he doesn't have so much today, take it to God in prayers, and see how you can partner with your partner to plan your future together so that you can save from his earnings possibly grow in his experience and knowledge and then apply for a better offer. 
On your part, you may enrol for a skill acquisition that you cherish so much and make some money from it while you wait for other job opportunities. 
I am yet to see anyone who put his trust and confidence in God that was disappointed. 
Please do not feel fearful if you are convinced that he's God will for you and you are emotionally and mentally prepared to grow in love with him and support him to prosper in all his endeavours. 
Seek his face and allow him to direct you on what you need to do in your relationship. 
Some began with nothing but today, their stories is different from what they thought it would be. 
Look into Jesus and allow him to order your footsteps in accordance to his purpose for your life. 


  1. This is exactly how my parents started life...
    My dad was a poorly paid Federal junior officer in the then Abachas regime...He used his car to run commercial town service at night just to make ends meet..
    My mum was a teacher...She was also a good farmer and we always go to farm on return from school...we also sold farm produce just to make ends meet...
    My parents put in the right attitude and with time, God blessed our grind and everything became beautiful..There was promotion....Divine expansion and extravagant increase...
    Great things start little...Your husband has a job and you have one too..
    It's also good to know that the both of you have great dreams of entrepreneurship...so my dear...Just put up the right attitude...stick to the man you love and work together in unity...with time, everything will fall in place...

  2. Tnx well spoken@ Joseph n auntie amara

  3. Dear,from what you have written,your man is on track. Just make sure of the following:
    1. Make sure you are not lying. Some ladies do it in order to make their man look like a angel so as to be approved,and after they are married,the story changes.
    2. Make sure your man is not the type that is always planning and no action. If he is,and you wish to go ahead,make sure you have what it takes.
    3. Make sure he is a man that values God's Word,and puts it first in his life. That is our ONLY guarantee of being good wives and husbands tomorrow.
    4. Make sure he is a man that values Knowledge. Talk to the following people - they will help you:
    *Ogbo Awoke Ogbo
    *Olumide Emmanuel
    *Steve Harris
    *Fela Durotoye
    *Ayo Arowolo
    *Arese Ugwu
    5. Make sure he is wise.
    6. Make sure you are also the same.
    You ONLY need to make sure you are on the right talk. Once that is ensured,don't look back. I wish you the best. Check the link below for the complete list:
    Or,call/sms/Whatsapp *234-7062456233 ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


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