Friday, November 6, 2015

His Kids Scares Me!

Am in a relationship with a widower,he has all the spiritual qualities,physical qualities and understands me more than anyone.
He is 14 years older than me,he has six kids from his late wife and the eldest is 10.
I would not have issues except for the number of kids,am scared if I can cope.
He loves me a lot and can do anything for me but am scared to accept his engagement ring and get married in less than five months from now.

The beautiful part of your issues is that you know your limits and your capacity. 
Granted that he loves you to bits and you can't wait to be his bride and the queen of his heart, the reality facing you is that a man with six children may not want to add to the number so the possibility of having your own baby may never be there. 
Secondly you need the wisdom, and the trust of your husband to take good care of his children as yours and not have challenges with them. 
They may not like you nor appreciate your efforts and support to help them become better in life. 
So before you go ahead to accept his proposal, please sit down and examine the cost of your decision so that you don't venture into the marriage and feel betrayed by your husband. 
You may also discuss your worries with him and find out what his perception is before making your decisions on that. 


  1. Why will a widower with 6 children still go for young single girl. Why will that man not look for a MATURED LADY of similar status? I suspect his motive. You may become a slave. Very risky for you. The outcome of this relationship cannot be predicted.

  2. I really feel for you big time. I wonder the kind of miracle you are going to perform to make those kids love you. Don't forget that your presence in the house will always remind them of their late mum. My advice is for you to leave that relationship now that you are still in control or be ready to face anything that comes with it. Thanks.


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