Thursday, November 5, 2015

Is it a Sin to Marry a Divorcee?

Good afternoon Mrs. Amara, I really need your advice on this issue.
I'm presently dating a man who's a divorcee with two children, I on the other hand have never been married.
I was raised in a good Christian home and I'm born again, my parents are against our getting married basically because he's a divorcee with kids.
He's a good man with a conscience, he's honest and he loves me to bits.
My parents haven't met him and I accepted the fact that I haven't taken the time to tell them about him probably because I have my own reservations as well; I was raised to believe that getting married to a divorcee is equivalent to "marrying someone else's husband" and my parents think so too.
I've searched the scriptures and haven't found any bible passage supporting it either, ultimately I do not want to go against God's word.
My second reservation is that he isn't born again, he attends church on Sundays but that's about that. Since I came into his life I must say he's been making efforts at coming close to God but he's not there yet (I'm trying not to be judgmental).
I really love him and hope it works out between us. Is it wrong/a sin for me to get married to a divorcee even when I'm comfortable with the situation surrounding his divorce?
Is it advisable for me to go ahead with him fully aware of his born again status although I believe he has the potentials to become a better man? I tell myself that I wouldn't marry anyone my parents don't approve but can I still go ahead and marry him if my parents refuse him just based on his marital status?
I've been praying and asking for God's will but I think I need a shove in the right direction.
Please ma, I really need your opinion. Thank you.

The Bible never condemned divorce but God gave conditions in which the divorce clause must be read in the marriage. 
If a partner is having sexual intimacy with another person, it's a ground for divorce and the same when there is a threat to life. 
However whether you feel like getting married to him or not should be based on your personal convictions and relationship with God but do have this at the back of your mind that a divorcee has the legal right to remarry. 
Where I feel that you should be worried is his personal relationship with God and not the perception of others about him. 
If he doesn't have a personal relationship with God and doesn't have the kind of spiritual maturity that you desire in the man that will be your head, then you may need to seek the face of God and tell yourself the truth. 
This is because a man may do anything to win your heart and reflect his personality after wedding programme. 
Also find out what may have happened in his previous marriage so that you don't venture into a battle that is beyond your capacity. 
When it comes to who you will spend the rest of your life with, your convictions and your decisions matters most and not the perceptions and opinions of others. 


  1. The scripture, Jesus words makes us understand that anyone who marries one who's divorced is guilty of adultery.... God's word should be your guide here.

    Secondly, are you really ready to take up the role of parenting? His ex wife? Her family? There's a lot of baggage to marrying a divorcee which you must weigh Sis

  2. We don't know how are you? And how long are you dating? If your parents know what is good for you,please run to God by pray and fasting which would you show you by dreaming if that man is your bone or not before you go ahead. Don't forget to go with your parents blessing or if you get in trouble with need them to support you also you need your mom advice. Good luck

  3. Please wait patiently for ur husband, listen to ur parents, whatever they re,telling you now is out of maturity and experience. Don't marry out of emotions and sympathy. You may live to regret it. You re lucky to see and still have ur parent aroud u. Pls stick to their advice to avoud had i know at last.


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