Thursday, November 5, 2015

What's the Worth of your Body?

You go all around in the name looking for the one who loves you for who you are and share your body at every junction and street as long as he said "I love you or I want to marry you or I live and work abroad or possibly I am working in the oil and gas industry"
Things are not working as you planned them so you chose to use your body to get things to work as you wished for. 
You leave your school every weekend yet never in your house but in the club looking for a nice, handsome and rich man to dance with. 
You tell your wife that you have business meeting and you lodge in the hotel and book for prostitutes. You openly condemn them and even insult them whenever you are discussing with your friends but in the rig where you work and in your area, you have many of them that you saved with a man's name so that your wife is wouldn't know. 
You swear in the name of your fore father's how faithful and loving you are but cannot explain what condom is doing in your pocket. 
You recently started giving excuses and shouting at your wife just because you get quality sex from prostitutes and you feel that it's worth more than your wife's safety and health. 
Things are really hard you claimed but every evening, you spend your money on women recording your sex escapades and boasting on how many girls your penis have identified as customers. 
You are worried why things aren't working as you planned but forgot that every leg you identify has a spirit controlling them. 
You forgot that any moment you begin to seek sexual pleasure outside your wife, you give the devil the license to possess your home. 
You forgot that the money you spend for sex is more than enough to engage your wife and get married to her no matter how poor the wedding maybe. 
You may see it as normal, after all you are not caught and your wife can't do anything about it. 

You proposed marriage to her and have visited her family but prostitutes always delight your heart and you are wondering why you are yet to get married. 
There are no good girls for marriage because you spend time sleeping with the good girls and condemning them after the encounter. 
You tell them how much you love them because you have fantasised about laying them on your bed and is working hard to see how you can conquer her. 
In your search for a husband, you have slept with every men and you are still confused why no man wants to get married to you. 
You see, sex has a spiritual impact on every individual no matter how you may perceive it. 
It may not mean anything to you today but it surely do affect your destiny and purpose in life. 
The lap of a woman looks so beautiful and attractive but at the same time is destructive. 
Many men were simply reduced to nothing as a result of sex. 
The same has kept many ladies in their current state in life. 
I am tempted to ask, what's the worth of your body and how do you guide what happens in between your legs? 
Is the money really worth your body? Do you know the kingdom you have initiated your family into as a result of the varying business meetings you hold with your clients? 
I wish to reawaken your conscience to understand that the sensuality and the sweetness of sex is not worth your soul and your spiritual growth in life. 
Maybe you need to make amends and return back to your maker and your marriage. 

Maybe you should zip up and wait for your husband and not the one who promised marriage? 
Maybe you need to reevaluate the benefits of buying condoms every week and redefine your purpose in life. 
Maybe you should save some money and get married instead of being a slave to sex and destroying your destiny. 
Maybe you should leave the den of prostitutes and return to your wife and family and save the money you invest in tall and beautiful legs and hips. 
Your life is worth more sweetheart, and no matter the challenges of your life, reducing your body to a sex object can never bring the solutions that your heart desires. 
Your wife deserves your fidelity and your husband deserves your faithfulness. 
Please look back, God never created you for sex alone but has prepared you to live for him. 
Give your body some dignity and appreciate who you are in him. 
I hope I have spoken to your heart, please open your heart and allow the Holy Spirit to perfect your healing in him. 


  1. Human beings are not designed for sex outside marriage - it is so destructible to the human cells/DNA,even to the extent of causing mutation. That is just part of the biological aspect.
    We have not even considered the spiritual aspect. For example,adulterous parents stand the risk of leaking away the mental abilities of their children and causing unnecessary battles and struggles for them.
    Singles who engage in sex outside marriage,will find it unnecessarily difficult to sustain success,raise functional children,etc.,because one thing sex outside marriage does,is to undermine your abilities.
    Sex outside marriage leaks away our spiritual energy and severely limiting our ability to get to the peak in life,in addition to giving demonic entities access to your future to wreck as much havoc as they want.
    The problems caused by sex outside marriage,don't usually manifest in the present; they go to the future to wait for you.
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