Saturday, November 28, 2015

His Point of Duty is Sex!

Please aunty Amara I really need your help.
Am a married woman and I have two kids. I love my hubby and he loves me too but the problem am facing now is that my husband has made sex a point of duty in this our marriage and am seriously confused and I have asked other married women like me to know if they are facing the same thing with me.
Let me go straight to the point, my husband have sex with me every night and morning and during weekends its usually morning, afternoon, and night.
The worst part is that if I deny to open my legs for him, he'll get angry with me and throughout that day, he'll not talk to me.
Am very worried because even if am seeing my period he'll put his penis in my laps until he releases,during my ovulation he'll use two condoms at once and have sex with me and a times the condoms will give me wound in my vagina but despite the fact that I have that wound he'll still want to have sex with me.
I have called him on several occasions that we should choose days for having sex but after choosing the days he'll still do it everyday.
If not for the fact that am working, he'll be doing it every minute cos his shop is in front of our house that's why he's always at home.
If I complain he'll tell me that I should not blame him that it's because he's married to a beautiful wife that's why he's always tempted to have sex with me every time he's around me.
Aunty please help me, how do I tackle this problem of mine cos its weighing me down a times I have to pretend that am sick from morning so he'll not disturb me in the night .
Sometimes I use to enter my children's room to sleep there just to avoid him but in the middle of the night he'll come and wake me up that he needs sex.
Aunty please help me, I really need your help sorry o for the long write up I really needed to go in details.
Thank you ma.

You are not alone in your challenge because many women have been reduced to insert, stroke, release and withdraw. 
Many men will talk about sex and you will definitely recommend them for sex competition but unfortunately most of them have no idea what lovemaking entails and how to connect with the  body of a lady and communicate with her soul. 
The real challenge is not that he demands for sex everyday but that he doesn't even know how to get your body prepared for sex. 
Partly you have contributed to the pains that you are experiencing today because you have decided to be the open book kind of lady without even spotting his balls and the tip of his penis. 
You have decided not to be part of his conquest and the effect is telling by the way he's using condom on you and the rate at which he demands for sex. 
Let's begin with the basics of lovemaking, it's not just about inserting a penis inside the vagina and firing until he has released, it begins with understanding his body and opening your mind to sex as a way of communicating with him and bonding with him. 
Don't just relax and turn to any positions that he demands, offer to massage him and give him a good blow jobs while squeezing gently his balls. 
Let him know that your vagina can be sucked and that it will improve his appreciation of your beauty. 
Remind him that your breast isn't for your babies alone but for him also by feeding him from time to time. 
Teach him how to caress by caressing him to the point of ejaculation. 
If you don't get wet enough before penetrative sex, you will experience pains in your vagina and to help minimise such pains, kindly get a water based lubricants and always encourage him to apply them before penetrative sex. 
Get involved with what he's doing and eat well just as you also feed him well. 
If getting in the sac gets him going, then give it to him as much as he craves for it but I doubt if he can demand for more sex if you handle him like a sex goddess and make him ejaculate like never before. 
Yes his staying around and the extra time he has could have contributed to his high libido but there is no man that a woman who knows her onions cannot deliver especially if you know his secret fantasies and cravings. 
You must help him understand that the safety of the condom is not in the quantity used but the quality of condom. Instead of punishing you by wearing two condoms, help him to wear one only and you can suggest ones that have greater sensation and safe too for family planning. 
Denying your partner sex is the simplest way to show him how much you detest him and it is a rejection signal too which explains why he reacts in the manner that he does. 
Whether you can get him distracted depends on how much you know him and what you can suggest that he will fall in love with and invest his energy into. 
But in the interim don't just be an innocent and submissive wife, be wild too and let him know that you are not a naive when it comes to sexual fulfilment and fantasies as a lady. Suggest positions that gives you the opportunity to lead the job and give his penis some hard job to rest for days and he will learn to give you some space to regain his strength. 
As for his desire to make love with you during your menstruation, if he's comfortable with that and he uses a protection, then he can hop in and enjoy his beautiful wife. 
As long as he's not taking any aphrodisiac and drugs that maybe harmful to his health and he's faithful to you, please do not be discouraged by his demands but see this as your own way of helping him be a faithful and complete man. 
I know that you may not find it funny but with his advancement in age, his desire for the sac will reduce with time. 


  1. We must call a spade a spade..
    When a man must have sex with his wife irrespective of the condition she finds herself in...That goes beyond sexual becomes selfishness and torture..
    A man that has sex with his wife even when her vagina is wounded is simply being selfish and insensitive...
    That a woman doesn't want her husband to have sex outside doesn't mean she has to kill herself on bed for him despite her condition which is to her own detriment..I feel that man is being too selfish and inconsiderate...His libido simply clouds his sense of affection..
    Dear poster...
    Introduce some cool forms of foreplay that can make him ejaculate and calm down on some days when you're not in perfect condition..e.g during your period or when you have such wounds in your vagina..
    Oral sex is also a cool alternative..
    A heart to heart talk with him might also help him understand...

    1. wonderful coming from a man. thank you.

  2. You can also go for contraception which you can remove when you are ready to make babies instead of condom, the copper coil is good

  3. Dear Husbands, lovemaking is not really about you; it is about your wife - it is about putting her first. It is about satisfying her and doing what is best for her. There is no room for selfishness in this business. Having sex with your wife without any consideration for her condition,nor for how she feels,is not 'Lovemaking'; it is called 'Bestiality' - sex with an animal,a beast. And,you are that beast! #GoAndLearn

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