Saturday, November 28, 2015

I Saw a Woman's Vagina on His Phone!

Good day Mrs Amara please post this for me immediately cos My mind is about to blow I will like to remain anonymous..
My heart is so heavy,I met my husband six years after his separation with his first wife who left him,although I wasn't aware but when I found out I was already in love with him,what I did was to try and find out what separated them.We were so in love ,so I thought.
Finally we got married(traditional marriage),not up to some months,I found out that he was cheating on me,it was always a case of one lady or the other and I kept forgiving him,it got to a point that I wanted to leave but couldn't because I was pregnant with our son,it continued to an extent that he would tell that the highest thing I would do was to leave and he would go for a third,later he would apologise and I would forgive because I loved him.
Recently I found out that he has been exchanging pictures with a girl and was also seeing the girl,I confronted him and he apologised even though he lied yet I let it pass,but the last straw that broke the camel's back was on Saturday's night I picked up his phone to transfer one of our son's pictures that he snapped him recently but to my greatest shock the first picture that graced me was a woman's vagina.
I decided to trace it and found out that picture was snapped and sent to him by a girl he has been exchanging pictures with including pornography. I decided not to confront him but make him know that I was aware,so I set the picture as wall paper.
To my greatest surprise,the next morning he scolded me and gave me a serious warning,and told me that he owed me no explanation and will not remove the pictures.
I stopped talking to him but still served him food and do his laundry but he has never even bothered to apologise or even talk about it,all he does is come home late and drunk,eats his food and go to bed.
Right now all I feel for him is hatred,his presence alone stirs rage inside of me,I don't know what to do and am very heavy,I can hardly even concentrate at work.

Please consider your health and the safety of your baby as your first priority and focus on being alive for your children. 
When you are alive, you can sort out the best way to manage any circumstances that you may have found yourself in. 
Getting married to a man who got separated from his wife with reasons that were not known to you was your own undoing but now that it's obvious that your husband is on a mission to explore and enjoy as many varieties of vagina as possible. 
I doubt if he has the conscience and the respect for your emotions. 
He may not necessarily appreciate your efforts nor will he be willing to support your children but that's not the main issue here. 
I'm only trying to help you understand the kind of Man that you are married to so that you don't lose your mind thinking about him. 
Since you feel rage and bitter being around him, for the sake of your health and your pregnancy, I will suggest that you move to your parent's house and have a stable mind to avoid any complications during delivery. 
You need to have the peace of mind and stability of your emotions so that you can give birth to your baby safely and with no issues. 
For that reason and to avoid any form of outburst of anger, please stay away from your home for now and focus on your baby. 
When you have put to bed, we may then discuss whether you should forgive him and continue with the marriage or better still leave him so that you can regain your identity and channel your energy into raising your children and not to be in an abusive relationship. 
I wish you all the best in your pregnancy and I pray that you shall deliver with no complications in Jesus name Amen. 


  1. O Lord,please....may I never be a source of pain to my wife. Lord,help your boys in Jesus Name,Amen!

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    1. I say an Amen to that and pray same for myself....That may i not be the source of pain for my wife....In Jesus Name..


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