Saturday, November 28, 2015

Should I Follow Him Without my Parent's Consent?

Good day ma am 28 years am in tears right now as am writing to you. Two weeks to our wedding my fiance called off the wedding and brought out different accusations that am cheating on him that he even had the contact of the guy am cheating with.
He sent the number to my sister and my sister called the line it was a lady's voice we haeard and my sister asked if she is the owner of the phone she said yes so my sister called my fiancé and told him he said he was okay with that and brought another allegation that he was no longer interested again.
After four days he now called my parents that he was no longer calling it off again that he wanted to continue and my parents were angry now that the wedding will not hold again because they have called the whole family to inform them about the calling off of the wedding, that even if the wedding will hold it will be shifted.
He refused that my parent has no right to postpone the wedding. Ma I don't know what to do, he wanted me to follow him to the registry without my parent's concept.
What do I do ma, I need your advice to save my heart now please ma.

To be sincere with you, I will suggest that you give this man some time to figure out exactly what he needs and what he's afraid of. 
I understand that you want to be married to him as soon as possible so that at least your friends will know that you have joined the club of the married but my spirit is worried about his stability and his convictions about the relationship and proposed marriage. 
He seems like he's no longer seeing the lady that he wishes to get married to and is looking for every means to get rid of you by accusing you and then calling off the wedding. 
On another note, he looks like a man who isn't organised and focused on a particular task but is rather distracted or should I say being controlled by someone somewhere to achieve a particular purpose. 
The fact remains that if the wedding must hold, then you should as a matter of necessity have a heart to heart discussion with him and seek for more clarifications to his latest version of his attitude and what prompted him to act in such a manner. 
You can't just ignore these strange attitudes of his and just get married to him all because you want to be married.
And when you are convinced that there are no cause for alarm then you may consider discussing with your family because a man who gives your parents reasons to panic should really be guided by elders and ought not to be married to avoid running away on your day of delivery. 
You may not understand the reasons why your parents were requesting for the shift of the wedding day but in my opinion, your partner needs to be patient with you and also humble himself and discuss with them if he so desire to marry you and he is genuinely convinced that you are his bride. 
Please instead of getting worried, kindly pray that God will reveal much more than you can possibly see, imagine or understand so that you don't get married to him and get marred by his attitude.

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